I am a 30-something horse person by night (er, non working hours?) and medical librarian by day.

The crew:

Subliminal (Subi): The orignal chestnut who got me started on the crazy journey of horse ownership back in 2006. Then he was a spry and spunky 9 year old thorughbred gelding with all the opinions in the world and the largest stride ever. Now? He’s a retired arthritic senior with all the opinions in the world, creates drama wherever he goes, is the true king of the property (not that everyone agrees), and is my heart of hearts. He’s the captain and likes things his way and according to his rules. If this were NCIS? He’d be Gibbs.

Say Nay Nay (Nay Nay): The newest addition to Team Chestnut is a 2011 bay thoroughbred gelding. A rescue from MidAtlantic Horse Rescue, Nay Nay joined the crew in December 2019 to save Subi from a deep depression. He was his quirks (ulcers, soy allergy, etc.), but at the end of the day, he saved Subi’s life. Together we’ve figuring out this becoming a riding horse thing. Somedays he’s into it, somedays? Not so much. But, he’s a good boy.

Jiminy: The resident mascot/troublemaker, Jiminy is a bay roan mini around 8. He joined the team in 2015 and his job is simple to take care of Subi whenever another horse is ridden. He takes his job very seriously. His likes include food, attention, and grooming. He dislikes being alone, loud neighbors, and baths. He hates baths and water.

Gone but Never Forgotten:

Hayley: An original member of the 3 Chestnuts, Hayley was my walking vet bill. A registered APHA, she was solid chestnut and the least marish mare I’ve ever met. She lived to eat (even if her guts didn’t process food well) and learned where my bedroom was when I moved home. I miss her dearly ever day. We said goodbye in December 2014.

The Batthorse: Batt made 3 in 3 Chestnuts. An appendix, he loved food more than life. A former lesson horse, I knew him since he was a 2 year old who tore off half his hind off. He had issues over fences and found his true calling as a trail horse. He loved nothing more than to explore new places, solo or in groups. He left us in early November 2019.

The Original 3 Chestnuts also included the late Hayley who passed away in late 2014 and Batts who passed away in November of 2019.

Looking to contact me? Sending me an email at sarah@threechestnuts.com

The 3 nuts

The 3 nuts

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