The tale of 2 rides

Or however many rides as it’s been since I’ve actually blogged.

There seems to be 2 Nay Nays out there: Good, perfect, willing Nay Nay and opinionated, angry, energetic Nay Nay.

They grow up fast

Neither Nay Nay really does much wrong, but Good Nay Nay is my preferred ride where as Angry/Opinionated Nay Nay is a little more unpredictable and makes me work harder.

Also clipped Nay for the first time last week.

A couple weeks ago, Angry Nay came to play. Leading up to my lesson, I just didn’t ride enough (lacking motivation) and Nay Nay, enjoying his time off, was a bit bitter about this “work thing.” A normal horse might try and buck you off or take off or be fast. Nay Nay doesn’t buck. In fact, he was pretty quiet. But, instead, he put all his excess energy into spooking. And by spooking, I mean, getting distracted by various things like cats because, Nay doesn’t really spook either (he did at the end of the lesson when some crazy farm equipment came speeding down the road — he was fine once he saw it). But, scary invisible cats just… Yeah. So cats plus just not feeling the ride? Not good. He decided he didn’t want to jump (we got over our outside line) and then he decided he under no circumstances was jumping the inside single. Not because of the jump, just because he didn’t want to. So we fought it out and he got angry and lost. It had NOTHING to do with the jump, but it was that kind of day. His brain hadn’t been engaged enough leading up to the lesson and yeah.

Just a little canter fence, no big deal

Post lesson, I decided to put my sweaty horse into boot camp. We working Friday-Sunday plus Tuesday and I had a very perfect horse. He was happy, quiet, but annoyed with this work thing. Yet, perfectly awesome to ride. Then, because, adulting, we skipped a lesson that week, and resumed riding this past weekend with rides Saturday and Sunday.

We can trot in, but cantering into this line? I screw up the striding every time.

Saturday? The outdoor was a bit mucky from rain, but despite that (and a lunging horse at the start of the ride), Nay was a gem. I mean, he is a wild thoroughbred as all videos will show (my husband has retired again so enjoy video until he un-retires in 2-3 months). But, completely, utterly perfect thoroughbred. Showing shades of growing out of his green been status.

We have a right lead canter now

Sunday? It was windy and ugly and I rode inside because, why not? Ride started perfectly with a quiet horse. We jumped some fences as part of our flat work (I like to incorporate some crossrails or tiny jumps into flat work just to spice things up and all was good. Then, later, we jumped a small jump on the diagonal (we’re not jumping much, just a handful of 18″ fences that we usually trot over and then 2-3 2’+ fences that we usually also trot and maybe canter 1-2 18″ fences) and things went… array? You see, he landed on the wrong lead, no problem. Except, he landed, balanced, and when I unintentionally touched my spur to his side, someone decided to toss in a full change. Then, he did it again the next time we landed without any accidental cues. Then, he decided he could toss his legs all over the place because he’s awesome like that… Not that his legs go anywhere because he’s not athletic, but….

And a left lead

So, the rest of our ride was spent dodging legs and remaining vigilant, and getting out excess energy because a certain bay horse suddenly was feeling very full of himself… He didn’t toss in anymore changes, but he did think about it. I don’t plan to try any on my own (I’d like help for those thank you very much!). After I finished some work and a particular display of… leg flinging, we ended up trotting for 20 minutes to end and cantering a few times around each direction without acrobatics before we ended… Despite all of that, he never came close to unseating me and I don’t think he was trying. There was no buck in there, but lots of front leg flinging… I wish I had video of that.

Nay’s favorite jump

It’s a BRAND NEW pony!

I need a Nay Nay update. And I survived the 1 year Batt-anniversary, but today I want to introduce my new pony.

NAKED Jiminy!
He very much did NOT appreciate his legs getting clipped. Those are usually skipped.
The boys checking him out…
Subi says, “Who the eff is this?!?!”
No before pictures, but this gives you an idea as to the dramatic difference!

I’m an idiot.

I could blog about a lot of things. Like my recent lessons. They’ve been OK. Or my rides. Nay Nay’s had a lot of energy. Or the damn right lead. It’s been pretty consistent. Or the fact that Nay Nay has now been renamed The Frat Boy. He’s a pig in his stall and has a party every night. Damn frat party.

Me? Frat Boy? Oh what little you know…

But no.

I’m too much of an idiot to focus on that.


I rode on Tuesday. And destroyed my 3 month old helmet.

Yes. I destroyed it.

He’s laughing at my pain.

The guy helping me at the tack store described it as catastrophe.

Lady at register: Did you fall off?
Me: No.
Man helping me: Her helmet was involved in a catastrophic event.

So yeah. There was that.

Somehow? I managed to drive my trailer over my helmet.

I ALWAYS put my saddle in my truck followed by my bag before loading Nay. Except there was a shit ton to election day traffic on the road outside of the barn and Nay Nay kept getting stuck and I almost dropped my saddle. So, the barn manager grabbed it from me and I unstuck Nay. Then, she tossed it in the truck. Instead of putting the bag in the truck? I must have left it next to the truck and just hopped in after loading him… I don’t know!

Anyway, I didn’t feel myself drive over it, but I made it the 3 minutes home and received the following:

And with that? I’m the biggest idiot in the world.

Thankfully, Fair Hill Saddlery was having a 20% off sale with an “I Voted” sticker. For the first time in my voting career (every election since I turned 18), I got a sticker. And like an idiot, repurchased my Charles Owen MyPS. Ugh.

So advice to you all? Don’t be like me. But, as my mom said, at least I didn’t run the helmet over with my head still in it?