Hey blogland! I Need Help!

Hey blogland.

I was going to post about Ranger today. Instead, I have to see if, in the collective blogland, someone knows someone or something about erosion or the EPA or environment and could help me.

See, just about 8 year ago, I bought my house. And, turns out, there was a really large pipe in the back yard. Like 30 feet long. And there is no permit. The EPA found out (thanks to a neighbor) because the township didn’t care about it.

We found someone to remove it. Then he fell off the face of the earth. Then January we found someone else, but we needed to find a neighbor’s property for access. This is hard when we’ve never met the neighbor’s (back up to us at the edge of our 4 acres) and you have to drive to get to their driveway so it’s about 2-3 miles to their house by car. I mailed a note, but never heard anything. The one guys wife died so that might have been it? The other property the owner doesn’t live on the premises and there are tenants. Plus there is a minor issue of a STONE WALL. But, evidently this is my problem. Do you all know how expensive it would be to remove a 100 year old stone wall?

But now we’ve waited too long. And they’re mad. Because I should never have listened to their advice. Or ended up in the hospital nor should my husband (it was a bad spring and summer with 2 day long ER stays and 3 weeks of still being sick for me). But, I angered the PTB because I can’t be slow but they can wait 4-5 weeks to respond to me or not respond at all…

Anyway, if we can find access (we’re going to try and locate the neighbor and/or send a certified letter), the excavator can remove it. But, now the EPA wants:

Erosion and Sediment Control Plan.


Erosion and Sediment Control Plan (or E&S Plan) is a site-specific plan consisting of both drawings and narrative that identifies methods which will be used to minimize accelerated soil erosion and sedimentation (deposition of soil) before, during and after earth disturbance activities.  It is a means to minimize the amount of soil (dirt) that could get washed into the stream during the excavation work that will be done during the removal of the pipe and boulder obstructions in the stream.

An E&S Plan could include methods such as a sandbag stream diversion, silt fence, filtersock, etc.  Whomever will be doing the work to remove the obstruction will be responsible for following the Plan.

Does anyone know who or how I get that done? Anyone have experience? Can anyone help me in anyway so I can stop have a nervous breakdown?

The Batthorse is BACK!


Red ears!

After not having ridden in 3 weeks, the drought ended Friday. And then the storms came. 4 rides in 3 days? Who am I?

My weekly lessons on Ranger started back up Friday night (thanks to horrific weather and flooding on Thursday) but I’ll save that recap for it’s own post. Still unpacking a lot from that lesson.

Saturday, however, introduced a different ride.


I’m a little confused. Why is a piece of copper in my mouth? Retired here! — Batt

After nearly a year off, Batt returned to work. My trailer still needs brakes and I’m still trying to figure out if he needs medication pre-ride but I’d rather experiment at home vs out on the trail or when hauling out. And to be honest? I’m still not sure. He coughed some, but not at the walk and really not at the canter. Mostly at the trot and mostly when he was winded or annoyed. Verdict still out.

Coughing above but then downhill 2 seconds later…

I’m assuming he’s resigned to his fate? Or trotting downhill as to the right…

However, cantering was a bit more exciting… a quick “attempt” to “buck” me off was the only fireworks in 2 days (videos are from Sunday’s ride, but he did the same thing on Saturday). Fat quarter horses can’t buck.

Much better. We need to work on straight but…


So out of shape! We did next to nothing Saturday… 

Right now, I think he needs endurance more than anything. He’s still on steroids and I’m planning to try Respi Free and possible Air Power. But, he’s 100000% fat and out of shape… The heavy breathing I believe is more endurance than heaves.

We mostly walked with some trot laps and a few canter sets to make him happy. And took a cool down walk through the neighboring development to make him happy — he stared longingly at all the driveways he couldn’t explore and shuffled his feet. And in the end was soaked in sweat. Getting back in to shape is hard!

It’s even harder when your MEAN MOM makes you work 2 days in a row…




Not much to update on or rather not much I’m choosing to update on. Drama in my life right now is pulling all my emotional energy.

But, Batt is chugging along. My car (last Tuesday’s drama involved a failed inspection thanks to a rodent chewing through a fuel line[unexpected] AND new brakes[expected]) is back to being alive. I still need new trailer tires and now that Batt is sort of breathing, I want to start riding again. (Trainer is showing with clients so no lessons last week and this week)

But, since I don’t feel like updating on anything else, here’s a short little video of my idiot horse. Saturday afternoon we had a crazy storm. The humidity dropped. Then another storm was rolling in. Bugs got really bad and the humidity increased dramatically in about 20 minutes. Subi wanted in NOW. This is how we respond to having to wait for evening chores to be finished…