Fly bonnets, fly bonnets everywhere

So I’m still having fun with all my fly bonnets (or fly doilies as my husband calls them) though I need to start expanding beyond my chestnuts as, unfortunately, chestnuts don’t look good in all colors. Days like this, I’d love to have a dark bay…

I’ve been experimenting with a bunch of different patterns and designs and crown/ear patterns and pretty much modifying until I find something I like. I think I’m there, though if you ask me next week, I might tell you differently.

I started with this one:

I like the bonnet itself, but I’m not thrilled with the ear/crown part. It’s just not cleanly attached. Which is why I continued to repeat the same ear/crown few more times…

Other than the actual shape of the ear hole, I really like this one. Event he crown part is less awkward. Plus, random polka dots? It doesn’t sit very well for pictures and could probably use a good press with an iron, but, I still like it…

Then we went and tried out teal. I like teal and chestnuts look good in teal. Unfortunately, I HATE the parts of the fit of this one (mostly the ear wholes/crown), but hopefully I’ve learned from my errors and will fix going forward…

Learning my lesson, I’ve started experimenting. Lots of failures (ie: I don’t like this and aborted), reading patterns, and mostly creating my own based on pieces I like from others. Some work better than others. This next one still needs a little more work (a little more size in the back and sides will help it), but I do like it a lot. Less fun, more mature?

And I just need to get around to finishing this one…

Lots of fun yarn to work with soon too. Anyone need a dark magenta fly bonnet? Or purple?


Due for a crash landing…

So it’s been a while since I’ve really posted anything. Partly I haven’t had too much to post, but partly I’ve just been dealing so much with a crappy period of nearly non-stop migraines and while some riding has taken place, I’ve had nothing exciting to talk about about and the rest of the time I’ve really been too miserable to care.

While I’ve been feel like crap (hopefully the new medicine regime will get them back under control), Batty’s been feeling pretty good. We’ve had some good hacks, a couple of good lessons, lots of horrific heat, and a nice trail ride or 2. Between the heat, migraines, and pony finals, we missed a lesson while my trainer was a way, but got back on track last night.


(all pictures are from a ride a couple of weeks ago).

Overall, he was a good boy for our flat work. We’ve really been working on my position at the canter in the corners. I’ve ridden super sensitive, upright thoroughbreds for so long that I’m so used to spending so much time in half seat whereas Batty is a downhill quarter horse so I need to break myself of that habit. Trainer has my half seating the long sides and sitting and lifting through the corners. Makes complete sense, I just need to get myself used to that! We’re getting there. I also don’t always like to side. I can lean back without actually sitting which is bad as well. Old habits die hard…. But, progress is being made, or so I think?


After drilling flatwork, less trot work today, and more canter work (yay canter circle and my inability to drop my outside shoulder without being reminded in one direction…) we did a little jumping. Trainer decided we’d be nice to Batty and start with something simple and easy. A tiny little gate without any boxes or flowers heading towards the in gate. Well, idiot horse decided to fight today and it took us what felt like forever to get over it, we did eventually but it wasn’t easy. He fought a bit the second time, but after that was fine with it. Strangely enough, he much preferred the jump the other direction. After that we moved on to another, more built up jump and he did much better with that. Wanted to jump it the first time but got over soon after (we sort of practice the walk up to it and ask until he goes over philosophy as they’re small enough that he can carry himself over at this height). This one he was probably the most confident with this jump.


After our brush box, we moved on to a simple gate and that’s where we found disaster. He actually wanted to jump it, but there was a stupid vine (I swear, the fake vine was annoying the shit out of him) that he was staring at and the footing made noise when it hit the plastic vine…. So, crop, spur, crop, spur, crop, spur, SUPER HORSE LAUNCH OVER JUMP and on the other side we were!!…unfortunately, not together. I just got too much weight in my right stirrup and went flying off and landed hard. It took me a few minutes to get myself together (I feel like for the first 15 seconds I couldn’t make sense when I tried to talk?) which kind of freaked me out but otherwise, we’re all ok.


It’s been a while since I’ve had a fall so I know I was due, but did I have to have a hard fall? I think I whacked my head (it hurts) though no one seems to think I did) and I don’t have so much as a scuff on my brand new helmet (ride 3?) so who knows? This morning my lower back and right hip are throbbing and I have a nasty cut/bruise on my right elbow. I think I’m going to live on Advil today…