Just a gaggle of pictures

Not much to post but why not some photos?

We pretty much went from warm weather to freezing on Saturday with a lovely wind storm and some strange frozen precipitation that left the boys none too happy. It also left me none to happy either. Lovely weather shifts leave my head celebrating with migraines. I tried out a new medicine yesterday that worked (yay for samples from the neurologist’s office) only to find out that my insurance will make me fight for it with a coverage review and “step therapy.” Shoot me now. This morning’s migraine I tried to fight with a different pill. That one requires that same fight, but left my stomach upset and head still hurting so no fight necessary there.

On to photos because pictures are better than migraines! This boy and I are going to try and take a trail ride on Wednesday and hopefully hit Fair Hill on Friday for a paperchase with strangers since no one I know can attend. Thankfully the organizers said they’d match me with some riders from their barn so we can still attend.

Then there is my little idiot who I finally body clipped. Thanks to the 60 and 70 degree weather we’ve been having during the day, he’s been sweating with his yak coat. The 30s at night have been cold, but he’s had enough blubber that I haven’t been overly concerned with him. That said, Saturday night I was NOT expecting such a dramatic shift in weather. He was one GRUMPY pony in the sleet when I finally threw his sheet on him. I gave in Sunday and exchanged his sheet for his medium weight. Now, most clipped horses I’d go right to a medium and not a sheet, but even clipped he’s super fuzzy. But, Jiminy does not like being cold and was extra grumpy in the wind on Sunday. Tomorrow will be warmer so I’ll swap back out to his sheet (it’s actually a really heavy sheet–way heavier than any of my horse sheets). I wouldn’t mind him losing a drop of weight before winter… Anyway, I did have a bit of a clipper fiasco that involved an unanticipated purchase of new heavy duty body clippers for his yak coat. When I get around to it, I’ll do a clipper review post… Maybe.

And finally, my favorite boy. Other than the super warm days, he’s been blanketed a lot lately. He just likes to be warm and grows very little coat. He was thrilled to have a new round bale yesterday. Of course, thanks to the new round bale or possibly the wind this morning, he only ate half of his breakfast. This horse kills me with his lack of eating sometimes… Normal horses cause panic when they don’t eat. Subi? Not so much. He sometimes just chooses not to eat and it drives me crazy.


Pretty much just perfect in every way (other than the million ways in which he drives me insane)