“Recent” Purchases

I’ve been doing a little shopping over the last several months. This is both good and bad. Good because I’ve needed some of the stuff, bad because I bought a barn and I can’t really afford to be shopping… Anyway, some mini reviews on random items. Some things are too new for real reviews yet, but initial thoughts.

EquiSteam Hay Steamer £299.00 plus insane shipping at £180

img_0421Batt has a had a chronic cough for…too long. I’ve really avoided the idea of a hay steamer, but hay as of late hasn’t be the best (it hasn’t been terrible either) and I decided to just go for it. Other than making my own (which was the cheapest option but I just didn’t want to go that route because it scared me), I could go with EquiSteam or HayGain. HayGain is US based and was just about $1000. EquiSteam is UK based about $300 cheaper even with the shipping.

I ordered it Friday, April 5th after conversing with Paul who ensured me that they’d ship a US compatible boiler and timer separately. It was shipped Monday and arrived on Thursday from the UK. img_0446

So far, so good! I’ve steamed 3 times so far (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday) and Batty eats without issue (no surprise). He no longer dry coughs, but it’s more of a mucus-y cough (he has allergies in addition to heaves) so it’s progress. I’m going to give it a week before deciding if he’s going on Zyrtec too for the season.

Leather Hybrid Halter from Horse Education Company $99 (I bought mine from Tack Shack of Ocala)

img_0244I purchased this for Subi during his “I can’t see” and “I’m going to act like a dingbat” phase. I felt like the chain was starting to cause issues (anticipation) but that I didn’t have enough control without it. I liked the idea of rope halters, but didn’t like using them (plus the excess rope was causing issues at night when he’d see it’s shadow and spook at it brushing near his eye.

End result? It’s ridiculously overpriced, yet I love this thing. And so does Subi. It’s a nice compromise between traditional halter, rope halter, and chain. I also like lunging in it. I’d definitely buy it again. I have control when I need it. It’s well made too.

50 Ft Expandable Garden Hose – I paid $25, this one is $28

BEST PURCHASE OF THE WINTER. Seriously. We don’t have water in the barn (it’s attached to the house) so we have the heavy duty house that reaches the edge of the barn. We got this to make up the difference. It is SO MUCH EASIER to drag this thing around to fill/clean buckets, spray stall pellets, and clean Batty’s wall vs a big heavy duty hose. Plus, at night, we just disconnect and story in an extra bucket in the hay room. So easy and light weight. Whenever we fix the front water spigot, I’m getting another expandable hose for the garden because I love this thing so much.

Partrade Trading Company Ultra Slow Feeder Hay Net – $25 (price has gone up a bit…I paid $19 with prime shipping)

img_9385-1When we switched to stalling overnight, Batty was going through hay as if his life depended on it. So I had 2 options, feed him more hay or move him from a 2″ net to a 1″ net. As he didn’t need the extra calories, he moved to the 1″ net. Thankfully, unlike some horses, Batt does NOT think that he is dying when faced with eating out of a 1″ net. He sees it as a challenge. MUST EAT HAY. I know, I am very lucky. He also eats his hay wet and steamed. He has no issues with most things. Thankfully.


This next is FABULOUS (I have the purple). It’s huge. You can fit a 2/3 of a bale in there if you want. Probably more. The cord is really sturdy and it just holds up. It’s a good hay net, easy to fill. I don’t know what else to say? I’m steaming his hay in it now so we’ll see how well it hold up to that, but so far so good? I’ll be ordering a second soon to help with hay steaming set up.