I had a nice ride yesterday afternoon! Finally. I really needed it to keep me from getting too frustrated.

Anyway, I started out on Subi and Sandra on Batts as is usual. We just walked around for a few minutes, up to the road and back down to the drive. Subi was a little weirded out by the driveway (he would be…), but didn’t do anything stupid. After that we headed into the “ring” in the woods. It worked really nicely. I have some more stuff to clean up and if we cut down the little sapplings before spring, there will be even more space. Thankfully the real trees are not in the way. If I can get footing put down in a year or two, it’ll be perfect in there. But, it’s working nicely now too.

Anyway, once in the woods I put Subi’s butt to work. We worked on carriage and his neck and butt muscles were working over time. That said, I’m realizing how much my saddle doesn’t work for me (I’ve known, but it fits the pony so…). I wished at that point I had a dressage saddle because I really wanted to sit deeper than I could. Oh well. We worked. Hard. And thankfully Subi was exhausted. After lots of work at the walk, I decided he was dead enough that I could trot a bit. He was a good boy too. Super springy trot, responsive, etc.  I didn’t canter today, but give me a few rides with a nice trot before I move on to the canter. Still, I’m proud of him. I’m sure he’s a bit sore today as he was using muscles that he hasn’t used in quite awhile.

Then it was pony changing time… This is when things got interesting. Does it count as falling when you’re standing on the ground? Subi and I left the woods first and noticed Batts and Sandra were coming out the other entrance. Then they were trotting so I hopped off as I was planning to anyway and my pony was dancing around like an idiot. I jumped off and suddenly Batts “galloping” and jumping the ravine/walkway and heading up the hill. Subi starts crow hopping, I hit the ground, almost get stepped on until he realizes I’m under him so he stops and stands stock still until I get back up. Evidently Batts decided to “take off” (it’s Batts, taking off to him isn’t what taking off is to a normal horse). First she figured trotting was fine until he broke into his version of a gallop and jumped the ravine… If Subi didn’t need an opinion, it would have been entertaining. Anyway, after he galloped up the hill, he broke to the walk and that was that.

So after that, we swapped for a little while and I did some trotting without stirrups on Batts. Just a sitting trot today, but my legs were aching anyway. Then I cantered some  (with stirrups) and called it a day. All in all it was a nice day.

Dewormed the ponies after that and then ran out to Erik’s parents for raclette. Too lazy to write more about that.

Anyway, I’m going to attempt to ride at least Batts today. If time allows, I’ll hop on Subi too (once Erik is home), but we’ve got errands to run and his sister and boyfriend are coming to see the house and it’s evidently going to rain/snow later. Great. And then rain pretty much every day but Christmas for the rest of the week. Not looking forward to that. But, I hope I’ll have time for at least Batts and possible Subi as well. No real goals for today. Too much to do instead.

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