The other loves of my life

While I’m drowning in laundry (towels and sheets already folded and put away!), I thought I’d post about my other 4-legged loves. My husband, he can have a post of his own later 😉

My two puppies are the best things in the world and even when they’re trouble, I love them to death. Hermione is a 4 (how the heck did that happen) year old mutt believed to be a lab/sheltie mix though I’m convinced she’s also got Jack Russell in her. We’ve had her since she was an itty bitty 12 week old cute thing. Dealt with a crazy amount with her (early stomach issues related to giardia, extreme separation anxiety), but she’s a princess and loves me like crazy. She’s the boss and we all know it. At a whopping 27 lbs, she’s in charge. Even the horses know it.

IMG_0057 IMG_0051  IMG_0015 IMG_0160 IMG_0238 IMG_0328 IMG_0481 IMG_0343 DSC02438

Then there is Marble… Marble is a complete sweetheart we adopted 2 years ago. She’s a chocolate lab somewhere around 3 or 4 years old. She loves people, Hermione, swimming, fetch, and walking around with toys in her mouth (pine cones are a good substitute outside).

IMG_0480 DSC02436 IMG_5801  DSC02445 IMG_1255

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