Fly bonnets, fly bonnets everywhere

So I’m still having fun with all my fly bonnets (or fly doilies as my husband calls them) though I need to start expanding beyond my chestnuts as, unfortunately, chestnuts don’t look good in all colors. Days like this, I’d love to have a dark bay…

I’ve been experimenting with a bunch of different patterns and designs and crown/ear patterns and pretty much modifying until I find something I like. I think I’m there, though if you ask me next week, I might tell you differently.

I started with this one:

I like the bonnet itself, but I’m not thrilled with the ear/crown part. It’s just not cleanly attached. Which is why I continued to repeat the same ear/crown few more times…

Other than the actual shape of the ear hole, I really like this one. Event he crown part is less awkward. Plus, random polka dots? It doesn’t sit very well for pictures and could probably use a good press with an iron, but, I still like it…

Then we went and tried out teal. I like teal and chestnuts look good in teal. Unfortunately, I HATE the parts of the fit of this one (mostly the ear wholes/crown), but hopefully I’ve learned from my errors and will fix going forward…

Learning my lesson, I’ve started experimenting. Lots of failures (ie: I don’t like this and aborted), reading patterns, and mostly creating my own based on pieces I like from others. Some work better than others. This next one still needs a little more work (a little more size in the back and sides will help it), but I do like it a lot. Less fun, more mature?

And I just need to get around to finishing this one…

Lots of fun yarn to work with soon too. Anyone need a dark magenta fly bonnet? Or purple?


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