Catching up or not

I haven’t felt much like blogging lately. Not entirely sure why. I haven’t had all that much to talk about but I haven’t had nothing. Who knows. The whole fate of the world has me done combined with work and migraines I guess? I don’t know…

Still not much up for blogging but I did have a nice lesson tonight. And I managed to get videos so that’s something! The videos were at the end of the lesson and sort of an afterthought but they’re something, right? In the first video we were supposed to  get a 7 in the last line… oh well. The second video was a redo of that last line. Ranger was pretty ready to be done by that point. But he’s completely perfect…


8 thoughts on “Catching up or not

  1. Videos are the best 😉 I love me some good media esp when I don’t feel much like actually writing lol. Anyways you guys look great and I LOVE how flowery and pretty all those jumps are!!

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