Ranger goes to a show

For the first time in about 7 or 8 years, I went to my first show this weekend (unless of course you count Batts’ trip to Ludwig’s Corner Horse Show, which counts, but doesn’t since we went to have fun and just sort of hack sans trainer and try not make fools of ourselves). Anyway, it was a small schooling show series. Anyway, Ranger and I were planning to show in Pleasure Horse and after our bad lesson 2 week ago, that seemed like a good plan (last week’s lesson was much improved–Ranger has initially moved from night turnout to day turnout (8 hours to 4 hours) but after taking off with little kids, and basically continuing doing what he was doing with me (ducking out of jumps, ignoring hand/leg, and otherwise just being unhappy), he was returned to night turnout. He’s happy Ranger again. Life for him is good.). Jumps in pleasure were going to be 2’6″ which would be fine. Less than we jump in lessons.  Of course, they ended up combining pleasure pony and horse so we ended up jumping 18″. I can tell how far I come when I think is how tiny the jump are. Of course, larger jump would have probably made things easier as we got fast since it was easy to basically rush the lines coming home (and I sort of forgot to ride) and all that… If he actually had to put effort into jumping something, we might have had a prettier course. Oh well. In the end, I had 2 goals. Not to die and to remember my course. I did both so success!


Leave it to my husband to take awkward pictures while schooling…

We ended up with a 3rd over fences and 2 seconds in the hack and reserve champion overall. Considering we rode against some really cute kids on really cute ponies, I’d say that was a huge success! Of course, Ranger is adorable too.

Anyway, not a bad reintroduction to showing! We’ll see where we go from here. I’m not interested in anything major (rated, multi-day), nor am I interested in show every weekend, but some local shows, sure, why not?


2 thoughts on “Ranger goes to a show

  1. very cool!! And wow I am impressed. I dont think i could get myself together enough for all that. 🙂 You look great….(And I do love Ranger). and yay no dying 🙂 Win win!

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