Feeling better

So after lots of fluids and being banished to the round pen, I went to work post colic vet visit and came back to this:

And three more piles of poop which I took picture of but I’ll spare you all from. He was thrilled to have dinner that night (soaked grain, beet pulp, and some timothy pellet soup). The next morning I removed him from round pen rest (and stopped the screaming) and delivered lots of soaked cubes and soaked chopped hay. We stuck with that for 24 hours 

Saturday morning we reintroduced hay and life returned to normal and Batty proceeded to eat like there was no tomorrow. Instead of soaking all meals, I’m back to feeding soup. So he gets 2 gallons of warm water in added to each feeding… stupid horse. Stupid impaction colic. Now we add December to spring to times I get to worry about… 

but he’s happy again…

4 thoughts on “Feeling better

  1. what person/horse doesnt love soup on a chilly winter day 🙂 I think he has his methods 🙂 Glad he is feeling better!

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