Ranger jumps stuff! Or, another lesson recap

In light of all the craziness going on in the world, I thought I’d focus on more positive things, like this week’s lesson on Ranger. For some reason, some weeks I ride like crap and can’t see a distance to save my life. Other weeks everything just goes right. Which is probably a good thing considering my thoughts on the state of the world. And the state of my life (nothing major just stupid things like $400 electricity bills and $300 septic bills). And mother nature. And barriers in the road. Or rather my driveway.



Yesterday morning’s fun surprise…

Anyway, last Thursday I had a very much needed fabulous lesson on the wonderful Ranger. Sometimes I get really excited about bringing Subi back and actually riding him. And then I have such fun with Ranger that I wonder why I need to even bother. So who knows what I’m going to do. Right now I don’t actually care so that decision can be made or not made later.


“Me, misbehave? Never!”

So I sort of had a 1/2 private, 1/2 semi private lesson which worked out sort of nicely. We each did our own thing, but it gave me some time to watch, but also be motivated (nice TB starting on flying changes). Also learned that Ranger and I will start working on changes soon. Evidently Ranger does changes which I did not know. So, something to work towards. After a nice warm up, we started with the evil hay bale jump and around to the outside line in a 6 that I struggled so much with a couple lessons ago. However, it was way lower than before and the start of the lesson. Somehow, we nailed it first time for both jumps. Repeated almost as successfully though a little bit of a drift in our line. Then we moved to our inside green single (right lead) around to the inside line in a 6. I’m finally getting it through my head that when I don’t see my spot, instead of holding to nothing, I just need to pick up a forward canter until I see something. The lazy holding canter is getting me nowhere but the forward canter is. I can then SEE spots and either hold or go. I actually managed to see my spots first time through. Scary. And we got our 6. Scary again.


Hopefully you can figure out jumps based on ring picture above. Hay bales far left, outside line far right, jump with green is the tight turn jump with 1 short standard…, inside line (pink and black to wall/oxer thing), other inside single is the white single boxes


At some point we took a break. And then some of the jumps went up. Like my nice outside line that became an oxer (second jump only increased). And the white single. And the green inside single that’s not green on the other side. Then things got scary, but they were going so well that the really didn’t? And that’s what really was scary.

So my trainer had me canter up the white boxes around to the green single that’s not actually green on the other side (the turn is crazy tight so goal was to look, sit up, and use BOTH hands–I tends to sometimes forget to use both hands) and continue to the grey and white oxer (broken line) in a 7. My response was “you’re crazy.” But we actually accomplished it pretty well  hitting all our spots perfectly the first time. The second time I was more confident, and the third time it felt easy, almost fun.


Ranger selfie

As a result, we ended with a course. Inside white boxes single, around to green/not green single broken line to grey and white oxer, outide line in a 6, around to inside line in a 6. Basically every jump but the evil hay bales. And success! The entrance to our last inside line wasn’t perfect, but instead of sitting like a sack of potatoes and letting Ranger get lazy and add for the 7, I sat up, added leg, and moved him up to for the 6. I was tired. I didn’t want to repeat the course. And thankfully, with that, we called it a night. And Ranger got what I’m pretty sure was a 1lbs carrot. I think he likes me. Trainer mentioned I might be his favorite. I think it’s all the carrots I bribe him with.


That face…

4 thoughts on “Ranger jumps stuff! Or, another lesson recap

    • It’s something I’ve always struggled with confidence with… I really tend to hold when I see nothing so that I can hold for a stop (can you tell I’ve ridden a stopper?) a few strides back rather than at the fence. But if I actually ride and move forward, I can see something. It helps that Ranger will jump out of anything! He’s worth his weight in…carrots?

  1. Uh that tree in the driveway is terrible. The lesson sounds AWESOME tho!! I def know that feeling of “is it scary that it’s not scary???” Lol. Ranger is such a cool dude – it’s so awesome to be able to really work on yourself with a horse like that. Nothing compares! I’m loving puttering around over cross rails with Charlie… But it’s been a long time since I jumped a real jump and idk how I’m gonna feel about it haha

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