Catching up with the boys

Not too much to write about. It’s been a rather uneventful week. This post will mostly be a useless pile of pictures.


Big and Little

I took Wednesday afternoon off for a farrier appointment so I got to spend some time with my boys. It also happened to be 60 degrees which is crazy for PA in February, but whatever. The next day we got snow (though the storm pretty much missed us completely), but going from 60 to 19 in a day is always fun…


How many horses does it take to fill a water trough? Too many when they help drain it while I ‘m trying to fill it…

Anyway, my boys being the idiots that they are, took advantage of being unblanketed and unsupervised for 5 minutes while I paid the farrier to go and roll and get gross that that they needed to be groomed AGAIN so before I could reblanket since temperatures were already dropping. I love my horses, I really do. I think I mentioned that Subi and Batty hate being groomed? Yeah. They love dirt and hate brushes. Yeah. Jiminy loves being brushed. He also doesn’t like getting dirty. He, however, did not use his unsupervised time to get gross because he’s a good mini.

“Hi Mom! Look what we did while you were gone!” Idiots.

So, they all got brushed. And they didn’t like it. But they got clean.

And thanks to the lovely weather everyone got reblanketed. This has been the strangest winter in a long time.img_2838

No lessons this week as trainer was is MS for a show. I got to go out a hack Ranger (I almost bailed because it was cold and I had a headache) though I really didn’t do much… I was there alone. It was windy. Tan Dan was stalking me. It was cold. Horses hadn’t been out that day, but at least I got to ride? Mostly I just focused on circles and tried to avoid running over our stalker cat…



3 thoughts on “Catching up with the boys

  1. this winter has been absolutely nutty…. i enjoy the spring-like days, but it only makes it that much harder when the temps drop all over again!! also Jiminy is the cutest 😉

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