We’ve been dealing with some horrifically awful weather around here.

It was horrifically cold on Thanksgiving and Black Friday and bitter all day on Saturday.

Wednesday I hit Dover and was able to exchange Subi’s Northwind heavyweight detach-a-neck and a exchange it for a new one as the stitch was coming out on one of the surcingles and repairing it would likely void the warranty. So, we picked up a brand new blanket just in time for the unexpected cold front.

And cold it was. Thursday was miserable. But Friday morning was worse temperature wise. Jiminy was frozen until I threw a second medium over his medium and sheet. He’d have been fine had we transitioned into cold. Instead, we’ve had temps in the 50s. And suddenly it was in the teens with wind chills in the single digits.

But worse than temperatures was the sudden frozen mud. With all the rain came insane mud. INSANE. Frozen concrete foot prints. Knee deep footprints. Neither Batt or Jiminy would walk unassisted and Jiminy wouldn’t even walk out of the paddock assisted… Somehow, SUBI was handling all of this better than anyone. I really wonder if he’s feeling good thanks to the Equioxx? Granted, he skipped the paddock completely.

Thanksgiving before dinner I basically melted down to my mom and we considered plans (including sending Jiminy and/or Batt to Tennessee and boarding Subi) and that night fed everyone as best we could out of the paddock (the plan was to use the lower grass field, but Batt said NO). We’ve continued that since. I hate not dividing them, and I can’t control confirm that everyone stay in his own bucket but it’s sort of working for now.

In the mean time, we’re all surviving. Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday sales came and went and I purchased nothing really other than making a down payment on a barn and now I just sit and wait. I am so thankful for my mother for being here every step of the way and basically talking me off a ledge on Thanksgiving and making this journey possible. Of course, had she known 20 some years ago when she agreed to one lesson a week that it would turn into all this, maybe she would have said no. Or bought be a horse. Or leased me a horse. Maybe then I would have burned out or never wanted to get out of a full care situation? Who knows. But we’re in this mess together now!

The rest of my weekend was spent belt making. My own versions of more expensive surcingle belts. I’m taking some to a craft fair this weekend (more accurate, I’m taking them to my aunt who is taking them to a craft fair), but if interested, let me know.


Just a few of the belts so far… 


9 thoughts on “Thankful.

  1. oh man, it was brutal last week!! so glad the cold snap broke, but of course now there’s even more rain and more mud…. ugh. hang in there!!! tho i feel like i missed something, you put a down payment on a BARN?!?

    also those belts are suuuuuper cute!

  2. hahaha SO CLOSE To getting my hands on Jiminy SO CLOSE 🙂 (Tho I would take Batty as well) I am so glad you put the down payment on the barn. It will help you feel so much better when the weather is gross. I locked both my guys up last night (First time in a while) 24 degrees last night with a windchill of 17. BRGHH But i closed the doors and windows of all three stalls and then closed both ends of barn and while not warm it was pretty comfy for them overnight. OF course it is going to be 60s by Thursday and 70s by weekend which is the only reason I can stand the cold weather.

    I hope the new meds are helping Subi. Jiminy is too cute in his layers. Our mud today is semi frozen but not too bad.

    Anyway sounds like a plan and your mom is a trooper for sure!! Also let me know if Jiminy is on the fedex at any point so I can be home to sign for him. LOL 🙂 HA HA HA

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