4 years: my favorite memory

4 years ago I said goodbye to my Hayley Horse.


Favorite face

I told myself that, this year, I wouldn’t be sad.

So instead, I’m just going to share my favorite thing about her.


Best friends. Always. 

Hayley was always food motivated. She was similar to Batty in that she ate first and thought later, but she was very vocal in her thoughts, similar to Jiminy.


Waiting for breakfast, probably. 

She was NEVER afraid to tell you when you were late with breakfast or dinner or just moving too slowly for her comfort level. After all, with breakfast (or dinner or tea), it was a matter of LIFE or DEATH and we all should hurry up and FEED HER.


Eating a million miles a minute. 

So, after we moved her home, she quickly discovered that we had the house’s corner bedroom. In the morning, she would wait until the light went on and start screaming for breakfast. In the spring and fall months, if the windows were open, she’d start sooner, and the screaming would start the MOMENT the alarm would go off. So, you’d have an alarm, and you’d have a secondary alarm of HAYLEY yelling in the background. And, if you were to look out the window? Hayley would be staring straight at you, wondering why the hell you weren’t downstairs prepping her breakfast.


Best chestnut mare EVER

That was Hayley. Food driven and highly impatient.


The Three Chestnuts. Never to be replaced in my heart. How much Hayley and Batty looked alike even thought they didn’t. 

Jiminy has tried to take on the vocal horse, but he has BIG shoes to fill.

I’ll always miss her, but I’m happy she free of pain and health issues.


Her favorite thing. 

10 thoughts on “4 years: my favorite memory

  1. I love that she figured out your bedroom. I laughed at the second alarm clock. I am also coming up to the 4 year anniversary of my horse’s death (Friday). I have been struggling with whether I should acknowledge it and how. This is a good inspiration. Thank you.

  2. That’s hilarious that she figured out where your bedroom was! She sounds like a wonderful horse.
    I’m sorry you lost her. I know how that feels. I lost my heart horse 10 years ago and it is lovely to remember the happy instead of feeling sad.

    • It’s definitely an effort, but it does feel better to remember the good vs the bad. But her window trick… So funny and so much her. I miss that a lot. None of the boys are as vocal as her and certainly don’t stare at my window. I’m just happy if Batty can remember where he eats day in and day out. Brains? He doesn’t have them! Change something? He’s flustered for weeks. Subi at least knows the routine though he doesn’t handle changes well in terms of successful eating but that’s a different topic entirely!

  3. Remus knows where the kitchen and front door and will do stare contests when he thinks it is past dinner time or breakfast. She was so pretty Hayley I wish I had known her. And Jiminy if anyone can fill those shoes he will try his heart out! 🙂 I am glad you can remember the good times….

    • It’s an effort, but I’m trying. She was lovely and truly the kindest horse in the world. Much less of a mare than Subi. And had a beautiful face when all shed out. Just had the world against her in terms of medical problem. But she loved food and Erik and Subi and tolerated me and Batty (though she was very worried about him while in New Bolton and he was VERY upset when she was gone). She took care of beginners so much. Me? Always tried to buck me off. But sweetheart nonetheless. The alarm and window/light routine though… It was a MESS when Erik was getting up to be at work at 4/5am and Hayley decided that meant breakfast should be hours earlier…

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