You crazy lunatics! Why are you spooking?!?!?!?!?!

Preparing for turn in and turn out lately has been… interesting. Subi is either really good or really… not good and on edge. I’m sure part of it is that he needs a job and being in a stall for half the night isn’t helping. So, he’s either on his best behavior or he rears. I’m prepared for both.

This morning he was pretty good walking down to the field. Until we got close and then… explosion. What made this different was there was a chain reaction. Usually Subi explode and I can get his attention and Batt ignores us. Except this time Batt exploded too. My husband was a little shocked by the calm, fat appendix thing at the end of his lead rope exploding in the air with all four feet off the ground (this is impressive). I focused on Subi while Erik got Batty in the field. Except, once in the field, Batt started rolling and bucking and acting stupid while Subi tried to be good while almost exploding again. I could feel the power keg in my hand and we had one mini explosion as we walked to the gate and while he wasn’t listening, he was trying. Once his halter was off (stupid rope halter…), the fireworks started…

FYI Jiminy had NO IDEA what was going on (he only reacted when the big guys got too close to him and to join the fun)…

Watch with sound…

I’m hoping everyone will be alive and INSIDE THE FIELD when I get home. They were picking at Subi’s leftover mash when I left for work so I assume that was enough of a distraction… Jiminy was VERY disappointed that the boys calmed down enough to help pick at food as he thought the bucket was 100% his…

12 thoughts on “You crazy lunatics! Why are you spooking?!?!?!?!?!

  1. They remind me of kids who get all riled up then know they’re being ridiculous but are enjoying it too much to stop. Such acrobatic. Much rearing. Very majesty. Wow.

    • They were being such idiots. And yes, my crippled senior can rear. He will be hurting tonight… Watching the videos again, he doesn’t buck anymore, just rears. I don’t think he can get his hind end up much. This was the horse that used to get his back hooves over his head!

    • I first though Michele sent me Satan PIG. Then she said the pig was back and ponies jumped the fence… I’d say it was sillies if it weren’t for the snorting… They were definitely spooked by something because Batt doesn’t spook (excepted at big carriages which SUBI doesn’t care at all about). Batt was tense… Who knows. Not Jiminy… But something was bothering them and then they were escalating because they’re stupid. Jiminy was waiting for the BUCKET.

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