The 3 amigos on a sunny Sunday


I was hoping that my vet appointment would bring answers. Instead, it just leaves more questions.

Subi definitely has cataracts, but the conclusion is that he has enough vision (basically they’re in the center of each eye, worse on the right, but similar in each eye) that he can see and it shouldn’t impact his peripheral vision…


Jiminy was convinced I had food.

But, at the same time, he is acting like he’s seeing ghosts so they could be freaking him out and the vet agreed that he IS sensitive. We’ve seen it before. Something bothers him and he has an unexplained reaction. A tooth is SLIGHTLY sharp, he stops eating. He is chilly, he shivers uncontrollably. He doesn’t like the taste of something in his feed, he won’t eat for days even if the offending item is removed. He’s dramatic. This could just be that. His eyes could be playing a role and making him uncomfortable and he doesn’t know how to deal.


Idiot boys just keep staring.

It could be something else. So, since he’s doing pretty well with the daylight, we’re holding off additional tests until we need them. Next stop? We’ll draw blood and test for lyme though he’s showing no sign of any other symptoms… We’re also pulling him off his equioxx for now since he’s feeling REALLY good and he doesn’t need to feel that good on a daily basis. Honestly, I don’t need him bucking, rearing, and bolting around the field like a freak regularly. He can run around but are the antics necessary? I’ll keep it on hand for when his arthritis acts up and/or the ground gets hard. But, now that it’s warmer and the ground is soft? The vet agreed we can hold off.


Jiminy comes to visit.

Otherwise? He got his teeth and a combo vaccine. His teeth were in really good shape. Surprisingly good shape since he was due in August and we both decided to hold off because the weather was gross and hot. But, to be honest, he probably didn’t need to get floated. It was good to get him done, but very little was necessary. Despite the drugs, he expressed his disapproval. After almost keeling over drunk last time around (he actually almost fell over from his dose), he didn’t get as much so he was barely drunk this time. Just enough to do his teeth without drama (but still with protests). He has NO issue with the float, but HATES the stupid head thing that keeps his mouth open… lol.


Freaks in action. 

Anyway, I’m feeling defeated. And I’ll be feeling broke when I get the bill. Lol. Batt and Jiminy got their vaccine and all is good in the world. Batty is in good weight?! And Jiminy is doing fine as long as he doesn’t gain (has ONE stupid fat pocket though the rest of his weight is perfect).


Waiting for the vet with me this morning

That’s my story. I quit.

11 thoughts on “Defeated.

  1. Not having a clear answer to act upon is depressing. I’m sorry. With things going well in the daylight and spring on its way, maybe like Everything Pony said, he will adjust and not be such a fool next winter.

    • Maybe? My gut just… I don’t know. Something isn’t right. He’s SO sensitive still to sound. If it’s daylight, he’s OK. If it’s dark, nope. If it’s sort of dark, iffy. If it’s dark and still, he’s on edge the entire time. If we’re on the driveway in the dark, he’s OK because that’s the safe space and he knows. I just feel like SOMETHING is there. And the tracking the light on the ground which he does EVERY SINGLE TIME I take him out in the dark still makes me think he can’t see well even if he has vision… Granted, that was the one part of the story I left out… Ahh.

  2. Well damn. I’m sorry you didn’t get a clearer answer to things! More questions simply suck. But if he’s such a melodramatic fellow, hopefully that is all it is!

  3. I am sorry that you did not get any closer to an answer. Irish is a sensitve flower and all changes must happen so slowly that it is rediculous. It’s not unusual for him to not eat breakfast because I slept in 20 minutes or to refuse supper because an ATV went down the road. It is likely taking him a while to adjust to the new ‘home’. On the bright(er) side- you can deal with the dramatic behaviour without worrying that you being mean to a visually impaired horse.

    • Well, at least the cataracts are confirmed? And there is some vision impairment, but it shouldn’t be enough to cause drama. But, what we can’t figure out is what’s causing the behavior where he is simply dangerous and out of control (panic so being mean doesn’t helped–I’ve had him panic, rear, and come down on my arm too many several times and there is NO response from him. I can work with him when he’s being stupid, but when he’s panicking? I can’t get through and corrections just don’t help. I just try to stay as calm as possible even though I’m pretty sure he doesn’t notice I’m there). The question was if the cataracts were just making everything fuzzy and weird and since he generally hasn’t been led in the dark in years, he started freaking out. Who knows. But stupid sensitive flower…

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