Long time no post…

I meant to post a couple of weeks ago, but I left for about 10 days of conference(s) hell in gorgeous Cambridge, MD and Chicago. I was home for a grand total of 2 hours between conferences. Not fun. Less fun was arriving in Chicago at 11pm. But that’s a blur.

Anyway, post Chicago haze, I had a few days off from work and a weekend to recover.


This should have been a good thing and I dragged myself off the sofa to ride Ranger. I had an awesome lesson that I now remember nothing about (sorry). 

Then I continued to mostly sleep the weekend away minus a day trip to DC before heading back to work.

img_0697Before finding myself in the ER on Tuesday where I spend the day.

After almost 10 hours of test, nothing exactly was wrong with me other than a possible (probable) virus and extreme dehydration. First/several attempt at an IV/blood draw didn’t work and they had to abandon my left arm completely. Right arm is still bruised a week later but I no longer look like an IV drug user…

img_0717Anyway, mystery illness later, I’m trying to teach myself to eat with limited success. I’ve spent since Tuesday drinking and eating bland gluten free crackers. It’s pretty pathetic. Jello. And rice. And slowly eggs and last night, tofu, have been introduced. Needless to say, I’m having extreme aversion to food right now.


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