Not much to update on or rather not much I’m choosing to update on. Drama in my life right now is pulling all my emotional energy.

But, Batt is chugging along. My car (last Tuesday’s drama involved a failed inspection thanks to a rodent chewing through a fuel line[unexpected] AND new brakes[expected]) is back to being alive. I still need new trailer tires and now that Batt is sort of breathing, I want to start riding again. (Trainer is showing with clients so no lessons last week and this week)

But, since I don’t feel like updating on anything else, here’s a short little video of my idiot horse. Saturday afternoon we had a crazy storm. The humidity dropped. Then another storm was rolling in. Bugs got really bad and the humidity increased dramatically in about 20 minutes. Subi wanted in NOW. This is how we respond to having to wait for evening chores to be finished…


2 thoughts on “Insanity.

  1. i know the bugs are horrible at dusk here, Last nite i killed four bombers on Remus and got about a pint blood out of them. UGH so I get it Subi (though I think he was being a wee bit drama queen HA)….AND WTF WITH RODENTS CHEWING ON THESE LINES. I went 53 years without hearing of this and now it is happening?? HA

    • Subi? A drama queen? Who are you, an equine professional? They have NEVER called him that… Oh wait. The dentist called him a diva and a drama queen… And I’m pretty sure a vet called him something similar once or twice… Oh Subi…

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