Catch up…?

I’ve been feeling a little burnt out lately. In a fit of emotion (anger? rage? annoyance?), I decided I was going to delete the blog because, let’s be honest, besides my 3 commentators, I can vent to myself in another fashion. Michele told me I couldn’t and to take a hiatus. I’m still not convinced that keeping this blog is worthwhile as I have little to say, but… be warned it may one day disappear.

Anyway brief life in review?


The most handsomest there ever was

My husband, being an idiot, gave himself a hernia pulling part of the culvert out/tree limb off the culvert (culvert=waiting game). He now can’t lift anything until he was surgery. Consult with surgeon? The 29th. Assuming surgery is scheduled soon after, we’re looking 4-6 weeks AFTER that… So, mid to late October. So all labor/lifting is falling to me… Like stacking hay… Just laugh. Really.


barn kitten I almost stole…

Last week was a staycation. How I needed it. It was also Pony Finals. 2 things combined meant I got to ride Ranger. A lot. He was sick of me. But I needed barn time more than I can explain. I have no media. But had lots of fun. Was planning on taking husband out, but that never happened. Oh well.



my favorite

Subi’s hind leg/ankle arthritis has been getting worse lately and he’s been super creaky and stocked up in the mornings. Sometimes it goes down during the day, sometimes not but the creakiness is always there. He is now the proud owner of Back on Track quick wraps and so far they seem to be helping. While I don’t want him to become dependent on them, I also don’t care if they provide some relief.

As of an hour ago, my trailer has new tires (thank you mom). So, Batty’s vacation is OVER and we’re going to get working. Work may be ring work or trail work, but it will work of the light variety. Vacation is OVER. FYI, driving a trailer through Newark, DE during roadwork is NOT FUN. Especially when the road is full of cones, flaggers, and is one way thanks to paving… I tried to take it somewhere else, but they asked that I remove the tires before I brought it in and I couldn’t quite wrap my head around HOW I was going to haul a trailer in without tires that I hung up…

Anyway, that’s the current happenings here. There’s also a lot of belt making going on, but I’ll save that for another potential post when I have my facebook page/website up and running…




17 thoughts on “Catch up…?

  1. yay on new tires. FINALLY (you wait till I move away HA) you will enjoy having wheels again. Sorry about Erik. Men are wusses (He doesn’t read your blog does he??) HA

    And yes you have to keep your blog. I have spoken 🙂

    That first photo of Subi needs framing!

  2. aww i hope you keep blogging 😉 it’s always amazing to me how many great connections can be made through this community, often when you least expect it! and yay for new trailer tires — stuff like that makes me unreasonably excited LOL

    • Thanks ❤️ I’m just having a week. Or, more accurately, a few weeks. I’ll try to keep blogging, I just get frustrated sometimes and it’s easy to take it out on something you can control, like a blog. Lol. And yes, tires are something to get excited about!

  3. Oooohh belt making! You’ll need to show us the finished products! Ahh please keep blogging! I feel you on the stay-cation. I wish mine had been longer because I needed it.
    That’s so great you got so much Ranger time! Horsey smells and rides pretty much cure all ills. I mean, scientific fact right there LOL.

    • Horses cure everything, at least horses who don’t have medical issues, right? haha. Seriously though, it was nice to spend some no pressure time with Ranger with no expectations at all.

      re: belts. I have some pictures posted here and there, but I’ll have my sales FB page finished this week and I’ll post that so you can see stuff.

  4. I should currently be on a staycation to prepare for the onslaught of life changes coming next week but the hubby made it a trip to Ohio to visit his family. So stress will ensue shortly.

    Keep blogging even if intermittently. It’s nice to have the space to share

  5. Staycations are great for horse people. :). I’m sorry that things are a bet stressful right now. I had to read the part about being asked to bring the trailer without tires a few times, trying to wrap my head around it. I will be sad to miss the updates but i do understand.

    • I’m going to try to keep updating but sometimes blogging just gets frustrating. I always appreciate your comments and feedback.

      re: the trailer? Yeah, I just don’t know. I still don’t know. But I now have tires thanks to a competent tire place. lol.

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