Because horses.

Life has seriously gotten in the way of…life. Blogging? The fun parts of life? Anyway, I’m running on fumes right now and full into the worst season for migraines. There is a reason why I hate everyone’s favorite riding season. Being in constant pain really makes it a miserable season… but this blog isn’t (currently) about migraines.

Waiting to go outside…

Horses are stupid. This winter Subi was dealing with a lot of crap (eyes/vision, change in routine, etc.) and ultimately developed what I assume were ulcers. He responded to a course of treatment with Nexium and life got better and the word had more daylight, and ultimately my horse not only started eating but also stopped rearing while I led him in at night.

Over the last month, Subi started acting like a fool when I’d bring him in. I blamed the light (well lack there of) and started turning in earlier and earlier. Sometimes it helped until it…didn’t. I went from leading 2 (usually the big guys) to having Subi alone as he was all I could handle. Sometimes he was ok with Jiminy, other times Jiminy needed rescuing by my husband with a hernia…

then Subi stopped eating. It was breakfast at first. He’d always eat dinner. Then less dinner. Then he stopped completely. Well, not completely, but he’d leave 2/3 of each meal or more. Then it occur to me…


Grumpy and miserable

I started the nexium but I wasn’t getting fast enough results and ordered omeprazole paste from Abler to switch to. Yes, I could do Ulcergard, but I want to help my horse without going bankrupt. It arrived fast (4 days with STANDARD shipping) and by that point the nexium had started to kick in… I also added in Purina Outlast after realizing he’d eat that thanks to my awesome feed store giving me 3 sample size bags to get started. Within a week, he was eating full meals again. Well, modified full meals–we are just NOW up to our old full meals…

And, because I’m a sucker, I also bought Subi 6 bales of nice alfalfa and he gets 2 flakes each night. Only as of a few night ago did I stat putting them in a hay bag because alfalfa mixed with bedding is gross. So now we’re alfalfa people…

And finally, I’ve taken on a new form of training. Avoidance. Instead of dealing with Subi’s behavior leading him in at night, I just feed him carrots. Is this good training? No. Does it work? Yes. He’s focused on he and not the dark shadows and last night was the first night we spooked in weeks. His reaction to calm himself? Look for me and the carrot while I just stood with Batt. Considering last night it was pitch black and I led them from the gate we haven’t used since spring (they couldn’t get to the paddock since in smart mom moment I blocked their access) and Batt immediately bumped his butt against a tree branch, it was successful?

7 thoughts on “Because horses.

  1. I’m glad he’s responding to the ulcer treatment! Honestly, I’d be doing the same thing with the carrots and I have done that plenty of times. I consider it more diverting their attention to something very positive versus picking a fight lol

  2. No judgement here. Carrots for the win 🙂 I am sorry life is so tough right now (We text back and forth about all this). I would like a 7 day nap thanks.

    I hope you feel better today. Glad Subi is eating some/better and behaving some/better 😉

  3. ya know, i once had a professional development class on written communication at work, and there happened to be an english major in the group. so the teacher starts asking the english major about all these commonly misused phrases (chomping at the bit vs champing at the bit, or ‘comprised of’ instead of ‘composed of’ etc) so that the english major could say definitively what the “correct” way was. meanwhile, the english major was “sometimes it’s best just to avoid those phrases altogether since they only create distraction and confusion!” i often think there are parallels with horse training lol. the objective of handling Subi is to be able to bring him in from the field safely, right? whatever works in that regard seems good enough to me. whether it’s chains or carrots is up to the handler, but the carrots sound more pleasant for everyone involved lol

  4. I think you are wise. If the carrots make it enjoyable for both of you then why not go that way? I like to save the harshness for when it’s really needed. I looked at the Abler stuff but I can’t get it delivered to Canada.

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