Blogging Bob: Ride 3

This is a tongue twister! I tried Bob Blog, but it was too hard to type! In fact, it took my 4 tries to type it here, so, Blogging Bob (blogging Blob is what I almost ended up with) is the current working name of Ranger Recap’s replacement. Lol.


husband photography

Ride 3 took an interesting turn as it took place in the form of a free ride vs a lesson as my trainer was off at a horse show but texted me, “Come ride Bob!” So I guess I passed the Bob test? Lol.


My husband joined me so I have media. I almost didn’t as I could barely pull him away from the barn dogs. He was covered in dogs from the moment we arrived and almost didn’t LEAVE the barn to watch me ride. Men. Lol.

Bob was a bit P.O.’d as he was JUST about to be turned out when I arrived and was prompted kept inside. Sorry Bob. But, tough. I decided my ride was just going to be about getting to know him. I need to start trusting him over fences. And I’ll get there, but I still see all the stops we had our first ride. And yet we haven’t had one since. So, I kept it little and easy and we had a nice ride.

Not trot videos because it appears the trot is boring so my husband chose not to video…


More husband pictures


Canter. I NEED TO SIT BACK. This is what happens when I don’t have someone constantly getting at me! I also need to KEEP LEG ON because Bob “knows everything” and therefore decides when and where we are doing changes once we start… I got a little better staying with him, but MORE LEG with help. Plus, the outside line being against the rail doesn’t help… turning  early = mixed signals… Basically, it’s my fault. But, the first rides I was launching forward and this time I wasn’t so, yay? Anyone was to jump that MASSIVE oxer thing?

Next I just worked on 2 singles. I figured I probably shouldn’t try my first line/related distances on Bob outside of a lesson. Still staying collected/adding leg last 3 strides. No hesitation on Bob’s part anymore so it’s almost like he realizes I’m making him jump now so why try and get out of it? I probably can let go a bit more…

I bored my husband. He was more impressed by the kid on Baron. Lol.

Then we put it together. I probably could start working on changes after fences, but I’m just stopping instead if we’re on the wrong lead because I want to make sure my core is stronger.  My husband couldn’t figure out what I was doing and why I wasn’t doing more…


Good boy Bob!

We didn’t do a massive amount, but it was enough for poor Bob to get hot and sweaty. Considering it was 60 degrees and rainy… He’s out of shape. Poor Bob. We walked into the barn where he proceeded to knock over an old cup of coffee and make a mess. Bob, Bob, Bob…

And, in case ANYONE is concerned, Ranger got 2 handfuls of treats and a kiss on the nose before I left. He was in his field SCREAMING because his BFF Coco was in for a ride (forget the fact that he was NOT alone in the field, but it appears he doesn’t care about his other field mate).


2 thoughts on “Blogging Bob: Ride 3

  1. Awww Bob! He looks like a good boy ❤ And of course, love that you were able to get media 😀

    I totally read that first as Bobbing Blob, and it took me like 3 times of reading it before I read it correctly LOL.

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