More from Fair Hill!

I think I planned to update (and I will), but the young event horses almost killed me.

After getting there for a 7:15AM arrival and not heading out until 5:25 (last horse started at 5pm), I was so exhausted that I decided to do it all again today for cross country… I have so much video for part of Friday until I died and the sat down on a golf cart…

in the interim, can someone buy/kidnap/steel/borrow this horse for me? I want it.

5 year old Connemara stallion. According to his rider, he’s “15 hands on a good day.” 😂

Last video is worth watching. Yes, the peanut gallery is laughing…

Anyway, I’ll send you my address if you’re interested in sending him to me. K, thanks.

One more day! I will survive!

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