When in doubt, bribery?

Feeling a little extra sad today so I’m going to focus on some positives rather than my empty stall and broken heart.

The vet told me, if necessary, I could up Subi’s reserpine. I don’t feel it was necessary, but it did provide me the opportunity to give him an extra dose so that he’s getting it at night vs morning. He’s most stressed in his stall vs in the field, especially first thing in the morning so, even though it’s long lasting, I felt giving it to him so that he was getting the max benefit while in his stall seemed like a good idea. Bonus? Because he’s not stressing to go out, he’s SO MUCH EASIER to dose. I started Saturday night and he’s been calmer each morning. This morning (Monday), he even had shavings in his tail.


This is not extreme, is it?

Subi’s love affair with alfalfa continues. I bought a couple 120+lbs bales of western alfalfa and even if he won’t eat anything else, he’ll pick at that. I broke down and fed him some outside on his really bad days (Jiminy loves it too. Of course he does), but now, stall only. He’s shunning other hay. He’s picking at other hay outside now that alfalfa has dried up.

He does eat grain outside. Some days more than other (he now gets 3 meals to see how much he eats–it’s a full time job feeding this horse).


Best little sidekick. 

Subi has eaten AND cleaned his bucket 2 nights in a row in his stall. I admit it. I bribed him. First night? 3 quarts of senior mixed with… shredded carrots and crushed peppermints topped with carrot butts and peppermints. Last night? 4.5 quarts of senior, purina outlast mixed with… yep, shredded carrots and crushed peppermints topped with, carrots and peppermints. He appreciates that we HURRY UP with the medication so he can go eat his candy. I am not ashamed that I’m bribing my horse to eat.

Yes, he’s lost SO MUCH WEIGHT due to not eating for a week… But, it could be worse. I’ll be adding in fat once he’s more consistent…

And finally, we worked with weekend. Time on the lunge line (he was lame on Friday at the walk… we only walked and Saturday he decided he wanted to trot and was sounder at the trot though still lame at the walk). And then I was suicidal… sat on his back, bareback, with a halter, for the first time in 3-4 years. It was 30 seconds, I had no steering or brakes, but whatever. Next up… clicker training.


Never thought I’d do this again…

Yesterday and today? Sofa time with the hallmark channel and puppies and kitties because that was just about all I could manage (well, then I dragged myself to work today for a late shift).

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