Struggle bus.

We WERE making progress, but now? Not so much.


A lot of this is still happening…

It seems Subi is back on a backwards slide and has regressed since Friday. Since Sunday a week ago? I finally felt like he was moving forward with his grief and we might get through this. He was eating in his stall at night, laying down, and while not necessarily happy, generally content.

Since Saturday, not so much. He’s more or less back to where he was before. Stall walking, desperate to be out in the morning, and being a jerk (trying to run me over and/or bucking and rearing like this morning). Each day seems to get worse. He’s not trying to be bad, but he’s just… miserable. And it’s heartbreaking to see.


Miss him being happy

I’ve put some feelers out for a new horse, but emotionally, I’m not ready yet. I want to take my time and find the right horse and I think waiting a few months would be better for everyone. Especially when the first horse that came along was a coming 5 year old TB cross with a good brain, started over fences. He was free lease that probably would end up given to me and I just…couldn’t. For so many reason. I didn’t even want to look. I mean, yes, it was greener than I need/want, but, I’m NOT READY. So… yeah.


Miss him so much

So, right now I’m looking to borrow something for a few months. A trainer friend has a horse I might be able to borrow, but she has to work out a few details (make sure her clients are OK for one). It would open up a spot for a border for the winter for her. Crossing my fingers this one works out. He’s a nice horse, but if it doesn’t, she’ll help me find something to borrow.

My goal here? Change the herd dynamics and give Subi something else to focus on. He needs a new friend and a change of scenery.



flashback to happier times. 

8 thoughts on “Struggle bus.

    • Honestly? Probably not. I don’t have goat fencing so a goat is out and if I’m planning for my next forever companion? I don’t want a donkey. Eventually I want something I can ride (maybe not today, but within the next year).

  1. I hope you find something to borrow at least for now. It is so odd how horses are. Remus today acted like he was going to get eaten out in the field (Caz had stayed up to munch hay in stall like a smart horse). Yet most days he does nothing but put his ears back at the poor old dude. UGH.

    Horses. I hope you find something soon at least to get through this time then hopefully can find something for you later. If it ends up the one you borrow you can ride all the better!!

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