1 week!

Nay Nay has been part of the family for a week and…we haven’t done much. Lol. I’m still not sold on Nay Nay as a name, but I haven’t got anything better. My husband is calling him Mr Meeseeks from Rick and Morty but I’m not sure that’ll work beyond a nickname… always in your face, whether you want him there or not.

He’s does NOT like being cold OR wet. So, rain is his least favorite thing EVER. He’s grumpy and miserable when he’s wet. For someone who lived out 24/7 without a blanket until a week ago… Granted, my property is colder and damper, but… He’s getting a 100 gram liner in the mail too because grumpy horses are a pain in the butt.

He’s getting better with turn in too. We’re taking him in first and then we take Subi and


Baby 5 yo Nay Nay

Jiminy. He’s shown his displeasure about being in his stall alone (with grain and hay) for 90 whole seconds, but last night? He didn’t scream once to his friends. Stood, ate, and looked around. He’s also locked in his stall completely. Both dutch doors are closed and his window. He was a little too bitey-face with Subi over one door and the first time I left him alone, he was stressed PLUS wet and cold (so miserable pony) so I closed his outside top door to make sure he didn’t doing anything crazy like jump out. And? He seemed to really like his stall doors closed overnight. It made his stall toastier. So, now they just stay closed. It is winter after all.


You can kind of see a tiny bit of puffiness. His ugly ankle is normal…

He did do something stupid and gave himself some sort of bump on his splint… Idiot. Dried blood yesterday and it’s a little ouchy today and a touch warm/puffy. He lets me mess with it, but does pick it up for me when I touch it. Sound on it though. Stupid pony. Dealing with it more tonight…

Today and tomorrow? More freaking rain. I want to haul him out to trainer’s and play with him in the indoor. I have no clue if my tack fits him. I’m hoping I can make my saddle work since I don’t want to sell that yet (it fits Bob relatively well and I’m still riding him). I assume I have a girth for him. Bridles? Well, all of mine are horse sized… Him and his little cob head. So that’ll be interesting. Right now I’m hoping it’ll be dry enough for my to lunge in the woods tomorrow and them MAYBE haul out in the afternoon for a field trip to the indoor (not concerned about riding). Then maybe I can ride Sunday if he’s quiet enough? Lesson on Bob Sunday, but I should have time for both…

So that’s where we’re at. He seems to be settling in. He loves his stall, loves his grain, loves to eat hay, drinks a full bucket of water every night. He just hasn’t figured out a slow feeder net yet… He’s destructive on hay bags so I can’t go that route (grr), so he’s getting a small amount in a traditional net and extra in a slow net and hopefully eventually he’ll figure out the net? Horses.

6 thoughts on “1 week!

  1. I love when horses become all Princess-ey. Gem lives out nearly all the time I’ve had her and survived winters in WI. But ever since bringing her home she has decided she has a stall and will damn well use it. How is Subi now that Nay Nay is around? Has he shown some signs of healing his own grief?

    • Subi is doing OK. He’s decided that he likes having Nay Nay around, but Jiminy is his best friend. I’m fine with that. He’s eating OK, but not well yet. It’s hit and miss, but he’s eating breakfast again so that’s something? He’s still dealing with ulcers so that doesn’t help. His hay consumption is WAY UP and Nay Nay is definitely the reason for that. He doesn’t eat the hay? Nay Nay will so he’s pigging out on hay now. He’s generally much more content and hanging out with Nay Nay or Jiminy most of the time. He has his days were he stands off by himself, but they’re less often. And he’s napping in his stall at night again (has the shavings in his tail to prove it).

  2. I am glad that things are coming into a new normal. You’ll find a new name for him. He looks like a plain name kind of guy. Like Norman or Joe. You could call him Jay, which is similar to Nay. 😁

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