We had a short and sweet lesson this week. Nothing flashy, but solid.

I mentioned last post that we introduced spurs in the putting them on sense. Nay didn’t care. So, because of that, we continued with spur education.

After a nice relaxed but forward upon request trot warmup, we started the days lesson, moving off spur pressure. Basically, we stood in the center of the ring and tapped/poked and encouraged Nay to move sideways away from from the pressure. At first, as expected, he wanted to move forward. Then, when that was corrected, he wanted to go back. But, at no point did he get upset. He started to lick and chew, trying to figure it out and pretty soon? Body shifted away from right spur to the left. We took a nice walk around the ring adding inside spur–he immediately moved over. Good boy!

We did the same thing with the left spur and this time he walked forward once, back once, and then shifted over away from pressure almost immediately. We walked around using the spur in the corner to the same response. Such a good boy!

Next came the canter where we utilized the inside spur to help our corners. Nay was a star. Best left lead canter ever. He stayed out. He stayed forward. He was phenomenal.

But, right lead? OMG. Not only did we keep our canter, but we stayed out, and canter almost 3x before someone ran out of gas… he picked it back up for a final side but who cares! Best canter ever on a right lead. So proud!

We made the choice to end there even though I wanted to do more. We cantered an additional left lead canter for a video… but the choice to stop was so that we ended on a high. But I need another lesson so I can do more! Lol

I’m in love.

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