Guys, I need help. Or rather Nay Nay needs help. Or an intervention. Or a tutor. A life tutor. A life skills tutor.

You see, he’s not the brightest bulb. In fact, he might have burned out?

img_3293It started the other day when he walked in the paddock prior to pre-dinner dinner and couldn’t figure out how to turn around and walk to the gate and walk out to get to his bucket. I tried to get him to follow me and leave, but he couldn’t or wouldn’t. He just stood there screaming. I had to take my sweatshirt off, put it around his neck, and lead him the 20 feet to the gate so he could leave the paddock. Once at the gate? All was fine and he found his way to pre-dinner dinner.

Nay Nay has also been slowly ruining all of my fencing. This is my fault. I should have had all the electric up and running before he got here, but I didn’t. So, Nay Nay had no issue ruining fencing. It’s gotten especially worse since spring grass. Saturday, Erik and I fixed all the electric and now it’s working.


MUST NOT GO NEAR FENCE IT BITES (subi rolls his eyes)

Nay Nay must not be well versed in electric fencing (unlike Jiminy — Subi is just very careful as he learned his lesson once and once was enough) as he leaned right into that sucker and ZAP. That would have been fine, he didn’t know, but he proceeded to repeat that 3 or 4 times Saturday.

By Sunday he was terrified of the entire field. Because now the entire paddock and dry lot is out to get him, not just the fenceline. Pre-dinner dinner? I had to hold his bucket and feed him because we couldn’t hang it anywhere because he might die.


Tentatively stepping forward for a carrot… 

This morning? Now we can’t even eat hay because it’s too close to the fence line (20 feet). So Nay Nay is stressing and worrying and I just can’t. This isn’t good for his ulcers, but at the same time, GET OVER IT HORSE! You don’t want to go near the wire? Stand of the other freaking side of the hay feeder and eat from that side.

8 thoughts on “#Notthesharpesttoolintheshed

  1. This cracks me up so much. I thought Remus was the most stupid. Nope Nay wanted that title. I hope he figures it out. Horses right? Right now I much more prefer DONKEYS!! 🙂 your driveway is gorgeous with the flowering trees. Are you still breathing from all the pollen! HA

  2. Carmen used to come to the fence line and get a carrot. One day her nose touched the tape and now she won’t come near it. I’m not even sure it zapped her to be honest but she’s convinced. Irish is very brave and takes her carrot though. 😀 He’ll figure it out.

    • I thought he was being stupid but he’s downright terrified ☹️ I put some hay in the paddock for him but he’s only picking at it. Who knew the electric fence would exacerbate his ulcers that were finally healing.

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