Holy Fever!

The boys have had some tuneups this week. Monday was dentist day. Nay Nay was power floated without any sedation because he’s cool like that. Subi got drugs because he gets stressed out. Jiminy? He probably would have been fine, but after his choke 2 weeks ago, he got some dorm gel just because he’s lacking a little trust right now.

Jiminy needs to be seen in 6 months as does Subi (old man has some loose teeth that might be reaching end of life plus some other old man teeth issues) while Nay can be checked though likely will be fine for a year.

Yesterday? Fall vaccines. All went well until I walked outside at 6:30 to do stalls before turn in and found this pathetic site.

So freaking pathetic.

He wasn’t colicking. He sort of passed the cookie test. I stuffed a cookie in his mouth and he chewed without enthusiasm but he did eat it even if he chose not to take it from me. And after cookies, he followed me to the gate.

When I did bring him in, Nay did pick at dinner, but without his regular enthusiasm. And he felt hot.

That said, I didn’t expect the thermometer to say his temp was 105.4. So I took it twice and got the same result. Immediately I called the vet office and somehow the on call vet got back to me 30 seconds later (new record).

Plan was NSAIDs (banamine or bute) and check temp in an hour for some progress. There was a tiny bit but I moved forward with plan b of an alcohol bath which seemed to really help. Eventually he was down to 103.2 which he stayed at most of the night. After a second dose of banamine, he finally dropped to 102.3 this morning and 101.5 when I turned out.

But seriously? 105.4?! What the hell?

He’s still not feeling 100% and while he attacked breakfast, he didn’t finish. That said, the Cookie Monster has resurfaced… so he’s definitely on the mend. And next year? We’re pre-treating with banamine before fall vaccines!

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