I’m an idiot.

I could blog about a lot of things. Like my recent lessons. They’ve been OK. Or my rides. Nay Nay’s had a lot of energy. Or the damn right lead. It’s been pretty consistent. Or the fact that Nay Nay has now been renamed The Frat Boy. He’s a pig in his stall and has a party every night. Damn frat party.

Me? Frat Boy? Oh what little you know…

But no.

I’m too much of an idiot to focus on that.


I rode on Tuesday. And destroyed my 3 month old helmet.

Yes. I destroyed it.

He’s laughing at my pain.

The guy helping me at the tack store described it as catastrophe.

Lady at register: Did you fall off?
Me: No.
Man helping me: Her helmet was involved in a catastrophic event.

So yeah. There was that.

Somehow? I managed to drive my trailer over my helmet.

I ALWAYS put my saddle in my truck followed by my bag before loading Nay. Except there was a shit ton to election day traffic on the road outside of the barn and Nay Nay kept getting stuck and I almost dropped my saddle. So, the barn manager grabbed it from me and I unstuck Nay. Then, she tossed it in the truck. Instead of putting the bag in the truck? I must have left it next to the truck and just hopped in after loading him… I don’t know!

Anyway, I didn’t feel myself drive over it, but I made it the 3 minutes home and received the following:

And with that? I’m the biggest idiot in the world.

Thankfully, Fair Hill Saddlery was having a 20% off sale with an “I Voted” sticker. For the first time in my voting career (every election since I turned 18), I got a sticker. And like an idiot, repurchased my Charles Owen MyPS. Ugh.

So advice to you all? Don’t be like me. But, as my mom said, at least I didn’t run the helmet over with my head still in it?

6 thoughts on “I’m an idiot.

  1. i am not sure what cracks me up the most the fact that someone took a photo of your helmet after the tragedy or the fact that your mom said at least you didnt run over it with your head attached. I can’t stop giggling. Sorry for the loss of your helmet. May it RIP. đŸ™‚ hahahahahh sorry too soon?

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