Not much to see around here…

Michele posted so peer pressure says I should too.

Been doing a lot of this…

The thing is, I have very little to say. Nothing is going on on the horse front. I think I’ve been on Nay Nay once since my last post? We walked, Nay spooked at a pony in western tack. We walked over poles until his brain stopped draining out of his ears, then I managed to trot 2x around the ring, and called it a day. No energy for more.

I did get hay before the snow hit!

Since then? It’s been cold. Frigid. High of freezing. Then there was a snow storm. Then it warmed up a tiny bit. Yesterday and today are warm, but… maybe I’ll “ride” or whatever you call wandering around the ring.


It’s evidently going to snow again tonight/tomorrow. A coating to 8”… Every time I want to start riding, winter gets in the way. I don’t haul in snow. Then we’re at some single digit/teens at the end of the week. Part of me thinks I should just hold off until March and restart then.

He’s lucky he’s cute. He likes to roll in the snow walking out the the paddock…

As for me? I’m feeling less weak (I mean, I have zero strength but that weak feeling is either gone or normalized) but just exhausted. I give up. I’m trying to manage the asthma because I think I’m heading into another flare. Just can’t win.

I give up?

Also been doing this…

See? This post was so worth it!

7 thoughts on “Not much to see around here…

  1. it was worth posting. Same here tho we got a GORGEOUS day today (Supposed to be raining and hasnt started yet)! I feel like we won the lottery as we have rain and cold tomorow then the rest of the week sucks too!

    I sat out in the sun for like 10 minutes after watering the donkeys just soaking it up. GORGEOUS. Can i bottle it please??

    I ride tomorrow for a lesson and get this high of like 33,. It sucks. I think we all should just wait till Spring!

    • Exactly. I mean, the snow wasn’t awful (though I was lazy and got my driveway plowed because it’s long and this shit was heavy) but it was 15 this morning. I think my trainer is back today and tomorrow and I’m thinking, what’s the point of trying to take a lesson? So I’m not going to bother. Besides, my driveway is a sheet of ice despite plowing.

  2. It won’t stop raining down here and while that sounds not so bad I’m having a hard time motivating myself to ride in sloppy puddle filled arenas. Is it spring yet?

  3. I am sorry that your asthma is causing so much trouble. We had a beautiful weekend which ended with a dump of snow (over a foot) so, sigh. It’s going to be freezing cold this week. February just sucks.

    • Thanks! The lack of consistency just makes everything harder. But, I had a fun ride on Saturday before snow on Sunday (my driveway is an ice rink today). No pressure, no expectations, just play (and the snot lunged out of Nay but he needed to stretch his legs more than he though he needed to stretch his legs).

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