1989 to 2021?!?!

With my trailer sitting in the shop, I did what any overreacting horse person does. I went shopping.

With no news about the state of my trailer, I decided to see what was out there. [it’s been 2 weeks since I dropped my trailer off… maybe I should call?] I emailed a few dealers and crickets.

Then last week Michele sent me a listing. Well, she sent me more than one. But forget the others. She sent THE ONE. New 2 horse stock. On the lot. In my budget. So I emailed and got a call the next day. Trailer was available. They’d hold it it for me until Monday if I wanted it. I tried to offer money to hold it, but nope.

And like everyone else, they knew Michele.

I went bright and early Saturday to see the trailer and it was perfect for me. I tried to leave a deposit, but I’ve never met people who didn’t want my money.

And today? The trailer is home.

[I did hear back from the other dealer offering to order me what I bought. Cost? About 4K more than I paid with a 3-6 month wait time]

I’m so excited! Now I just need to get my old trailer back and sell it…

This is the one time I’m ok with Michele spending my money!

6 thoughts on “1989 to 2021?!?!

  1. So glad you found one (well okay I found one) and bought one from Jon and Suzie at Traveled Lane Trailers. They are the best totally would have loved to buy from them again except for the distance. Also you are welcome. HA! 🙂 What are friends for?? 🙂

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