Lack of blogging

I’ve started about 6 posts over the last few weeks and haven’t finished any of them. Why? No clue.

Nay in cross ties pawing as usual
Same goofy Nay Nay as ever.

I took a couple of weeks off due to a strained shoulder/pinched nerve (not horse related). But otherwise? Things have been fine. I just haven’t had the motivation to finish a blog.

Nay spooking at a cat
Said hello to a cat. Spooked at said cat.

The horses are good.

Nay is fine. He’s happy enough to be back in work. He enjoyed retired life, but generally likes having a job which is good considering after a year and a half being barefoot, I finally had to throw front shoes on him. It was time. He’s been OK barefoot, but this summer has been hard and he’s been foot sore more often than not. My trainer and farrier agreed that it was time.

Otherwise nothing exciting.

Left lead canter

Nay does Nay things and we’ll start lessons back this week.

Boring blog but at least I finished it? Maybe I’ll actually write something interesting next time around…

Nay grazing
Working on his beach ball body

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