Well, crap.

It’s just about 1pm and I’m about ready for bed. Or a nap. That pretty much explains my day.

I went out to feed this morning and found that Subi hadn’t touched his grain last night nor had he eaten his alfalfa cubes (there was an indentation so he had a bite or 2, but that was about it). And, he just looks, blah. Lethargic and blah. He was a little blah last night, but he’s generally been blah when it’s dark outside. But, he’s been eating so I didn’t think much of it. While it was strange that he went to his hay vs his grain, he is Subi so he does strange things on an irregular regularity.

So, I searched for my thermometer which disappeared in my hay room (that I desperately need to clean) so I donated mine to the cause (add a new human thermometer to the shopping list) and bam. 103.2. Just a touch (er, a lot) high. Subi runs around 99. So, the temperature explained his behavior. At that point I also noticed that his left hind was very stocked up, but there wasn’t much (any) heat and he wasn’t bothered by ME messing with it.

Before I administered banamine, I put a call into the on-call vet who immediately suspected anaplasmosis, one of the most common cause of fevers in our area. She said she’d be out to look him over and give IV antibiotics in about 30 minutes (we’re still not yet at 7 am).

When she arrived (around 7:30), she still thought anaplasmosis, but kept looking at that leg. He was definitely more reactive when she was messing with it. Now, it’s Subi and he definitely lets me do more than he lets others so… ? Her first thought was the anaplasmosis with secondary cellulitis. And, the initial plan because IV antibiotics plus a high sweat for his leg. But, before we did anything, she reached out to my regular vet.

He may or may not have tried to take out the vet while getting wrapped…

After conversing, they decided that they were going with primary cellulitis simply due to the unilateral swelling whereas anaplasmosis would likely not display with unilateral swelling (swelling would be seen bilaterally). So, cellulitis seemed more likely. So, we’re starting with SMZs, Tri Dex paste (Trichlormethiazide and dexamethasone), and bute plus wrapping. And since Subi is the WORLD’S BEST PATIENT, life will be fun…

Wish me luck. If you never see another post, you all know why.

The boys are hanging out inside today, but as long as his fever is down, they can head outside tonight (he’ll get a standing bandage tonight). Tomorrow, one more high sweat then hopefully no more wrapping and/or just standing bandages.

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