On Tuesday Nay got a million vials of blood pulled. And luckily (sorta-kinda-definitely lucky) the bloodwork all came back normal. My vet was actually pretty worried about liver and kidney function. And the more I did research, I was was too. But, everything was more or less normal. A couple levels (don’t ask me what) were high, but they more or less indicated that he was dehydrated. Nay does drink decently, but…

So, based no the results, we’re treating every this as colitis/hind gut syndrome. With symptoms for both including: recurring lack of appetite, lethargy, colic, diarrhea, and weightless, the symptoms fit, even if he doesn’t have all the symptoms. He doesn’t have diarrhea, his manure is extra stinky and just… odd. So we’re treating it as such.

For the next several weeks, Nay is allowed to have all the chopped hay he wants (SOBS. Does anyone realize how expensive this stuff is?) and then a small amount of grain if he wants it, but not to press the issues. Beyond that? If he wants regular hay and alfalfa? It’s ok. If not, OK to. The goal is to let his stomach heal and then hopefully he’ll eat normally again. We’re also adding back Succeed (also cries over cost). It’s been ordered, but it’s not here yet. After the Succeed, I might add it another gut supplement (he’s on SmartDigest Ultra and GutX), but for now…

Anyway, that’s where we’re at. He’s eating about 12-14lbs of chopped hay a night. Only the Alfalfa Forage Blend. Only $25/bag. Only.

12 thoughts on “Nay-date

  1. He is lucky to have you!
    What has your experience been with the GutX supplement? I started all my horses on it about 2 weeks ago.

    • I’ve had pretty good experience, but I’ve stayed on the maintenance dose. He’s definitely been reactive when I dropped to 1 pump/day. That said, it’s obviously not helping his hind gut… I’m debating getting my next refill, but I probably will. I might reach out to them because their customer service is excellent.

  2. Not sure if your into herbs but I had great success with marshmallow root powder and aloe vera juice on one of my mares that had similar problems.
    Hoping he gets better quickly!

    • I’ve heard good things about marshmallow root powder so I might look into that. As for aloe vera juice, it’s cheap, but I also don’t want to keep him from eating everything else (mr picky) so I have to think that one through. I know they make pellets though they’re way pricier… How much do you feed of each?

  3. Sending good thoughts your way!!! I swear Luna and Nay are on the same wavelength some times with attitude and problems 😉 battling our own mild ulcerly behavior over here!! Here’s to a quick recovery for Nay!

    • Ugh. Hope Luna feels better. I’d love to figure out the cause, but since it seems to be hindgut, I’m not sure there IS a cause? I guess, in Nay’s case, if the Succeed helps, he’s staying on it this time. Assure Gold is another option but that’s even more $$$$$$$ (270/mo.)… Why are gut supplements so pricey?

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