Chugging along

I haven’t blogged for awhile. I keep meaning to and then I just…don’t want to. Life and work has been getting me down and I just haven’t been up to it? Life’s got me down for no real good reason.

The horses? They’re doing OK. Jiminy has decided to get all heaves-y on me so that’s fun. I have him on zyrtec plus leftover ventipulmin as needed. It’s fine. I should start steaming his night hay but the issue is he doesn’t necessarily eat a full flake if it’s in a net so I don’t really know how much to steam. If it’s not in a net, he’ll eat too much. Dilemmas. So I do nothing.

Doesn’t get much cuter than this, does it?

Subi. Subi is currently feral. Some days he’s dead quiet and others he’s a wild maniac. So typical Subi. He’s also grown a coat for the first time ever so there is that?

This fool… there are no words.

And Nay Nay. We’ve been alternating really good rides and less than great rides. He does better when he’s ridden a lot. I’m just trying to find the right balance. We had a fabulous lesson the other week where he pretty much grew up.

Blurry video but video nonetheless

And the proceeded to have crappy rides every day after.

It’s not that they were bad. They weren’t. They just weren’t… good. They were fine. But I’m struggling to find the balance between forward and quiet, slow and dead, and spooky and stupid. Most of the time he’s been slow, dead, and stupid. But not actually dead or slow? I guess what I need to do is suck it up, get after him, and find the forward button?

I’m not exactly sure what’s going on. He’s fine. He’s not doing anything. But some days? Work is sort of, kind of optional. And then I struggle to keep him moving forward and we end up with this behind the leg crappy canter that I just can’t ride. And, instead of smacking him with the crop and saying knock it off you fool, I just sit there and don’t do anything? I don’t know. User error.

The far end of the ring has become spooky town for us (read: me). And well, that’s not helping. I mean, we’re fine. And Nay doesn’t do anything. Other than the weekend before our lovely lesson when neither of us were feeling it (and I was almost dumped 3x). But besides that day? He’s done nothing to make me nervous so who the heck knows.

So that’s where we’re at. Lesson tomorrow. We’ll see how we do.

The tale of 2 rides

Or however many rides as it’s been since I’ve actually blogged.

There seems to be 2 Nay Nays out there: Good, perfect, willing Nay Nay and opinionated, angry, energetic Nay Nay.

They grow up fast

Neither Nay Nay really does much wrong, but Good Nay Nay is my preferred ride where as Angry/Opinionated Nay Nay is a little more unpredictable and makes me work harder.

Also clipped Nay for the first time last week.

A couple weeks ago, Angry Nay came to play. Leading up to my lesson, I just didn’t ride enough (lacking motivation) and Nay Nay, enjoying his time off, was a bit bitter about this “work thing.” A normal horse might try and buck you off or take off or be fast. Nay Nay doesn’t buck. In fact, he was pretty quiet. But, instead, he put all his excess energy into spooking. And by spooking, I mean, getting distracted by various things like cats because, Nay doesn’t really spook either (he did at the end of the lesson when some crazy farm equipment came speeding down the road — he was fine once he saw it). But, scary invisible cats just… Yeah. So cats plus just not feeling the ride? Not good. He decided he didn’t want to jump (we got over our outside line) and then he decided he under no circumstances was jumping the inside single. Not because of the jump, just because he didn’t want to. So we fought it out and he got angry and lost. It had NOTHING to do with the jump, but it was that kind of day. His brain hadn’t been engaged enough leading up to the lesson and yeah.

Just a little canter fence, no big deal

Post lesson, I decided to put my sweaty horse into boot camp. We working Friday-Sunday plus Tuesday and I had a very perfect horse. He was happy, quiet, but annoyed with this work thing. Yet, perfectly awesome to ride. Then, because, adulting, we skipped a lesson that week, and resumed riding this past weekend with rides Saturday and Sunday.

We can trot in, but cantering into this line? I screw up the striding every time.

Saturday? The outdoor was a bit mucky from rain, but despite that (and a lunging horse at the start of the ride), Nay was a gem. I mean, he is a wild thoroughbred as all videos will show (my husband has retired again so enjoy video until he un-retires in 2-3 months). But, completely, utterly perfect thoroughbred. Showing shades of growing out of his green been status.

We have a right lead canter now

Sunday? It was windy and ugly and I rode inside because, why not? Ride started perfectly with a quiet horse. We jumped some fences as part of our flat work (I like to incorporate some crossrails or tiny jumps into flat work just to spice things up and all was good. Then, later, we jumped a small jump on the diagonal (we’re not jumping much, just a handful of 18″ fences that we usually trot over and then 2-3 2’+ fences that we usually also trot and maybe canter 1-2 18″ fences) and things went… array? You see, he landed on the wrong lead, no problem. Except, he landed, balanced, and when I unintentionally touched my spur to his side, someone decided to toss in a full change. Then, he did it again the next time we landed without any accidental cues. Then, he decided he could toss his legs all over the place because he’s awesome like that… Not that his legs go anywhere because he’s not athletic, but….

And a left lead

So, the rest of our ride was spent dodging legs and remaining vigilant, and getting out excess energy because a certain bay horse suddenly was feeling very full of himself… He didn’t toss in anymore changes, but he did think about it. I don’t plan to try any on my own (I’d like help for those thank you very much!). After I finished some work and a particular display of… leg flinging, we ended up trotting for 20 minutes to end and cantering a few times around each direction without acrobatics before we ended… Despite all of that, he never came close to unseating me and I don’t think he was trying. There was no buck in there, but lots of front leg flinging… I wish I had video of that.

Nay’s favorite jump

It’s a BRAND NEW pony!

I need a Nay Nay update. And I survived the 1 year Batt-anniversary, but today I want to introduce my new pony.

NAKED Jiminy!
He very much did NOT appreciate his legs getting clipped. Those are usually skipped.
The boys checking him out…
Subi says, “Who the eff is this?!?!”
No before pictures, but this gives you an idea as to the dramatic difference!

I’m an idiot.

I could blog about a lot of things. Like my recent lessons. They’ve been OK. Or my rides. Nay Nay’s had a lot of energy. Or the damn right lead. It’s been pretty consistent. Or the fact that Nay Nay has now been renamed The Frat Boy. He’s a pig in his stall and has a party every night. Damn frat party.

Me? Frat Boy? Oh what little you know…

But no.

I’m too much of an idiot to focus on that.


I rode on Tuesday. And destroyed my 3 month old helmet.

Yes. I destroyed it.

He’s laughing at my pain.

The guy helping me at the tack store described it as catastrophe.

Lady at register: Did you fall off?
Me: No.
Man helping me: Her helmet was involved in a catastrophic event.

So yeah. There was that.

Somehow? I managed to drive my trailer over my helmet.

I ALWAYS put my saddle in my truck followed by my bag before loading Nay. Except there was a shit ton to election day traffic on the road outside of the barn and Nay Nay kept getting stuck and I almost dropped my saddle. So, the barn manager grabbed it from me and I unstuck Nay. Then, she tossed it in the truck. Instead of putting the bag in the truck? I must have left it next to the truck and just hopped in after loading him… I don’t know!

Anyway, I didn’t feel myself drive over it, but I made it the 3 minutes home and received the following:

And with that? I’m the biggest idiot in the world.

Thankfully, Fair Hill Saddlery was having a 20% off sale with an “I Voted” sticker. For the first time in my voting career (every election since I turned 18), I got a sticker. And like an idiot, repurchased my Charles Owen MyPS. Ugh.

So advice to you all? Don’t be like me. But, as my mom said, at least I didn’t run the helmet over with my head still in it?

Freaking Succeed?!?!

Back when Nay Nay was having all of his stomach/ulcer issues from March-June, I stuck him on Succeed at some point in a fit of desperation. I had no idea if it did anything, but he liked the taste and something he was on (Ulcergard, Succeed, Outlast, or Redmond’s Daily Gold) plus a massive diet overhaul seemed to fix his stomach. Not the way to test supplements/medicines but I was desperate and Ulcergard wasn’t doing it (and by month 3…).

Well, mid summer, I decided to remove the overpriced Succeed. Haha. Something went wrong (saddle fit) and Nay Nay got a touch grumpy and back on Succeed he went and I don’t know if it was the Succeed or just life working out again.

I recently decided that spending $100/month for 1(!!!!!) supplement was crazy. Especially one that I don’t know was doing anything. Nay is on Platinum Performance ($$) plus Outlast plus Daily Gold plus electrolytes on top on his diet of alfalfa pellets and rice bran and special hay and alfalfa. Feeding this damn horse costs a freaking fortune. Not to mention Ulcergard as needed for lessons and/or rides if he’s feeling stressed…

Nay has been off the Succeed for almost 10 days and is becoming increasingly grumpy. Until yesterday, he’s been good under saddle. Yesterday he was fine, but had the bug up his butt attitude. Today? Complete turd. Until we jumped. Then he was happier. But he’s grumpy. He’s got mushy poop too. And a sensitive flank. And he kicked out at me. Once. He learned never to try that again.

All coincides with time off the Succeed. So, thanks to his generous sponsor, a new autoship is being placed and back on he goes. There’s something in this oat flour concoction that makes his belly happy. And a few days of Ulcergard or Esomeprazole/nexium might not hurt either.

Horses. Trying to bankrupt us every step of the way!

Galloping around like a fool…

…or not.

Loving this saddle so much

I have quite a few rides and lessons with Nay Nay since my last post. Despite some financial challenges lately (or that will be coming soon), I’ve been trying to to fit in some extra lessons to fix that pesky right lead.

The progress was slow, but Nay Nay wants to please. At first, following my trainer’s ride (aka her 8 minutes on Nay), he’d pick up the lead after several asks, but we’d get it. 4 times would be the magic number. We’d struggle through, but we’d pick that darn lead up 4 times before moving on to other stuff (we also gave up cantering on the left lead for the time being). The next ride, it was less of a struggle. Nay would start shifting his hind end to the inside in anticipation but not quite get it on his own. But the wheels were turning.

Such a good goober

The next group of lessons? A couple asks and the lead was there. More impressive? The first lesson was in the indoor which is much tighter. Come the second lesson? Even better. Not perfect, but better.

All this brings be to Saturday when I asked for the right lead canter and Nay brought his hind end in and in dramatic fashion, launched himself in to the correct lead 4 times in a row. I cried. It’s not smooth. It’s overly dramatic. It has way too much flair. But he does it. Sunday? We did it again (not as well, but if I set him up and didn’t get distracted, he picked it up. If I failed, well…yeah).

Nay and I have similar feelings about Wednesdays.

So, today? I had a horse with energy. Our trot was a mess and finally, while trotting around to the right, Nay Nay just launched himself into the right lead canter. No prep (well, I did ask him to put his body in the correct position, but that was not so that we picked up the lead, that was so that we didn’t trot around like a speeding giraffe with his butt pointing outside of the ring). He just launched himself into a lovely right lead canter and “took off” [slowly] around the ring.

We pose well too

So we let him let off some steam.

And he “galloped around” the ring. Squealing every few strides tossing his head, thrilled that he was “bucking” even though his body didn’t move at all. He was very proud of himself. It was pathetic. So canter we did until he no longer squealed. Until he no longer tossed his head. Until he was exhausted. And then we cantered a touch more just to be sure. It appeared that was my horse with energy. It was… entertaining. I love it.

But his face is cute too

After a trot break (to um… not trot like a speeding giraffe?), we correctly cantered again.

And then did a touch of jumping. Our fence work isn’t too exciting. Just working on some singles around to the outside line, working on maintaining a steady canter. Honestly? Depending on what we do during the week, Saturday often ends up being our fun jumping day where we introduce new stuff or do more interesting courses whereas in our lessons we try and perfect stuff. He’s now jumped everything in the ring and doesn’t care about anything. It’s really a cool feeling to have such a steady and willing partner.

But grumpy faces are a specialty too

Nay has come so far this fall. We’ll see what winter Nay Nay is like, but if his “energy” is anything like this morning… though it was warm today so I have no idea what that was about…

That pesky right lead.

I’ve talked some about our right lead issues. We had a right lead and then suddenly it was gone.

Saddle fit played a role, I’m sure, but honestly? I don’t really have a clue what caused Nay Nay’s right lead to pretty much disappear. But it did.

We’ve been working on it. And it’s been frustrating.

What’s worse is that when we get it? The right lead is actually BETTER than the left lead. I mean, there is NOTHING to do once you pick up the right lead. You just sit there whereas the left lead? the canter is less consistent in terms of pace and gate and all that. But the right lead? The canter is PERFECT.

During Wednesday’s lesson, we worked with the spurs on moving his hind end over. First standing still, then walking, then trotting, then eventually when asking for the canter. We weren’t able to pick up the right lead, but he did get the concept of moving off the spur.

Nay Nay visiting Ranger

Thursday we took another lesson and continued the above. When it became clear that we weren’t getting the lead, my trainer got on (yay!). First, I need to be way more assertive with my leg/spur… But, it was actually nice to see someone have similar issues. After a little bit of wrong answers (which were ignored), Nay Nay answered with the right lead and OMG so much praise. Then he was asked again, and again, and again. The thing is, he is OMG THIS CLOSE and then, hesitates, and left lead. All in all, he picked it up 4 times, each time getting so much praise.

Afterward, he was VERY proud of himself. My trainer basically said, the canter is LOVELY and there is nothing physically preventing it. He just needs this to be repeated over and over and over until he realizes that, yes, we do canter on the right lead. She was shocked at how balanced the right lead is. It is THAT lovely (loop your reins and occasionally cluck/squeeze but that’s it. He does it all).

I guess he’s staying…

On Saturday, I picked it up 3 or 4 times. I had to work for it, but praised the hell out of it when I got it. Then he landed from a few fences on the right lead so we held the canter and again, praised the shit out it. He’s crazy happy about jumping so I’m trying to pop him over a few fences every ride just to balance out the canter crap.

Sunday? 4 right lead canters and then he landed from his roll top on the right lead several times again. The canter was so lovely that we held it all the way around and cantered into the roll top — first time cantering that fence. And it was perfect. I can’t say enough about this kid’s enthusiasm for jumps. Even when I miss a distance, he says, “I got this!” and takes care of it.

Nay Nay requests new accommodations…like his stall. It’s pouring rain and he shouldn’t have to be outside.

So yeah, that’s where we’re at. If nothing else, the fact that he’s trying to land right is progress. We’ll see what progress we make in a few more weeks…

Evidently we jump liverpools?

I’m blogging because I’m angry at the state of the world and focusing on my horse sounds like a good idea? Caveat? I have ZERO media.

Love this horse so freaking much

After recovering from VACCINE FEVER 2020 (we need to booster the botulism vaccine in 30 days and see if he spikes a crazy fever again), I rode Saturday and had WILD HORSE. Well, not really. I had distracted horse. He had energy? But was slow as molasses. Like I tried to longe but realize that Nay Nay didn’t need it? And, why move forward when you can spend all your energy screaming to the new Bay Horse in the front paddock that you can’t even see from the outdoor ring?


My horse screamed.


I didn’t realize until I was leaving that he was calling to Bay Horse who was calling back.

Pretty day, little jumps


We trotting and screamed. I had zero focus. I thought he’d explode? But he didn’t actually have an energy to do so… so I popped him over so jumps. Easy peasy. Then we added in a new jump. A scary roll top. Scary roll top? Nay Nay’s new favorite jump. Then, things were grand, so why not introduce a broken line? So we did that. No issue. We jumped around slowly. And screamed. And jumped. And eventually I got annoyed so we cantered around (we can jump and scream, but turns out cantering and screaming is hard). And jumped a course or 2 and called it a day. All in all? We introduced 2 new jumps and I think I put a rail up on one of them?

New favorite jump!

Sunday we came back out, armed with a touch of ulcergard just in case all that screamed stressed him out. He was better, but Bay Horse still called and Nay called back a time or two. Before I got on, I looked around the outdoor and realized that I had jumped everything but 3 fences and the liverpool. The outside line was a little big for my liking, but other than that? Still, Nay has been so brave lately I thought, what the hell? So, we marched up the the in which was a large gate with some stuff. The gate itself was 2′ which was my issue. But I stepped over and Nay just followed me. Ok then. And after that? The out was no issue. Then we walked over the other single I hadn’t attempted as it was just a bunch of boxes and flowers and felt built up. Nay didn’t care. Turns out? He has this jump stuff figured out.

You can see the damn liverpool…

That left the damn liverpool. It was set up pretty big (well, 2’6″) so I dropped it to about 12″ and walked over and held my breath. See, I have post traumatic water jump syndrome as a result of the number of times I’ve landed in them. I didn’t actually expect that we’d tackle it today. But Nay just walked over it and looked at me like I had issues. I do. Ok then.

Granma came to visit!

So, we got on, warmed up, and started over our quest to conquer every fence in the outdoor. We trotted our chosen singles and roll top, we trotted in and cantered out our broken line, and then, somehow, we jumped the liverpool. First time, we trotted, then Nay decided the jump was so amazing that we needed to pick up the quietest canter ever and just canter down to it and over. Distance didn’t matter, he just wanted to canter over that damn jump. He landed quietly too. But it might now be his favorite thing ever?!?!?!

After tackling that thing, I put on my brave pants and pointed him to the outside line, legging him up for the in and somehow we managed to land in a canter and added about 12 strides to canter out over the second fence.

All the treats in the world for these boys

With that? I burst into tears, did a couple of courses, and told Nay he is the most amazing horse ever.


So, on Sunday? Nay Nay jumped every single fence in the outdoor ring including a freaking liverpool and didn’t care one bit about anything.

So freaking good!

Holy Fever!

The boys have had some tuneups this week. Monday was dentist day. Nay Nay was power floated without any sedation because he’s cool like that. Subi got drugs because he gets stressed out. Jiminy? He probably would have been fine, but after his choke 2 weeks ago, he got some dorm gel just because he’s lacking a little trust right now.

Jiminy needs to be seen in 6 months as does Subi (old man has some loose teeth that might be reaching end of life plus some other old man teeth issues) while Nay can be checked though likely will be fine for a year.

Yesterday? Fall vaccines. All went well until I walked outside at 6:30 to do stalls before turn in and found this pathetic site.

So freaking pathetic.

He wasn’t colicking. He sort of passed the cookie test. I stuffed a cookie in his mouth and he chewed without enthusiasm but he did eat it even if he chose not to take it from me. And after cookies, he followed me to the gate.

When I did bring him in, Nay did pick at dinner, but without his regular enthusiasm. And he felt hot.

That said, I didn’t expect the thermometer to say his temp was 105.4. So I took it twice and got the same result. Immediately I called the vet office and somehow the on call vet got back to me 30 seconds later (new record).

Plan was NSAIDs (banamine or bute) and check temp in an hour for some progress. There was a tiny bit but I moved forward with plan b of an alcohol bath which seemed to really help. Eventually he was down to 103.2 which he stayed at most of the night. After a second dose of banamine, he finally dropped to 102.3 this morning and 101.5 when I turned out.

But seriously? 105.4?! What the hell?

He’s still not feeling 100% and while he attacked breakfast, he didn’t finish. That said, the Cookie Monster has resurfaced… so he’s definitely on the mend. And next year? We’re pre-treating with banamine before fall vaccines!

Big Kid Jumps

Well, not quite.

Still, Nay Nay is really starting to get it. When we first introduced jumps, I really questioned whether Nay was going to be a hunter. I thought we might have to take up low level dressage.

You see, he sort of freaked himself out and crashed into the jumps, they collapsed, and he panicked. I mean, maybe I’m exaggerating? But not entirely. He was OK with poles or cross rails, but more that that? He could quite get it. We had a pretty bad lesson where he felt overfaced and… After that we took it back, but… Now, we didn’t ask him to do one thing that he couldn’t walk over, but still…

Always happy, even with vitamin e on his face

After Nay’s time off for ulcers, we eventually reintroduced some jumps. We had a REALLY good lesson where he did great (he loves this plank fence that’s both inside and out) and did great with flowers. But, the next ride? He felt a bit overfaced and all my uncertainty came back (which didn’t help him). So, we took it back to cross rails and he did great. Confident and fabulous. Plan was just jump cross rails until he was 100%.

Happy ears

At some point, we started adding back solid fences. It was hit or miss. Not crashing miss, but hesitation miss. But, we always got over it. Then, when I rode on my own, I started walking him over stuff before I got as I set stuff up. Somehow, whenever my trainer tried to walk him over he’d nope out of it, but me? he’d happily follow me anywhere. We started walking over flowers, and boxes, and gates, and all of the above combined. Jumps got wider (I started struggling to get over… LOL). Nay didn’t care. We’d get on and walk up and over. Then I’d point Nay to them and instead of walking over? He’d pick up the trot and trot himself over. Hesitation just… gone. After the trot, he’d start dragging me to his fences because jumping evidently is fun.

This weekend the weather was gross so we spent Saturday in the indoor with his “older” girlfriend Fiona. Since everyone has been outside as of late, the footing was a bit choppy. But, not terrible. We stuck to 2 singles (nothing huge) and eventually strung them together at the canter, cantering 2 fences together for the first time.

Yes, we have our own little cheering squad.

On Sunday, another first! Nay was definitely tired from Saturday so instead of working at the canter, we stuck mainly to the trot (the canter just didn’t feel great with the footing) and strung together a 6 fence course, adding in the outside line to our 2 fences from the day before (we repeated the one and jumped the other both ways).

All in all, 2 successful rides. Nay Nay just continues to gain confidence and impress.