Favorite things of 2018

In an attempt not to focus on all the craziness going on (I will either have an update or I won’t have an update on the barn in a week or 2, but let’s just say, if this barn thing ACTUALLY HAPPENS, I will be writing multiple blog posts about this entire ordeal).

  • Northwinds Detatch-A-Neck Blankets: My absolute FAVORITE blanket for Subi. He’s always fit decently in Riders blankets, but I LOVE the Northwind line. I bought the heavyweight back at the very end of 2017 (the 29th or 30th) during a crazy cold snap and even wearing multiple blankets, Subi was cold. The heavy with neck plus a medium and finally I had a warm horse. I did have a tiny issue with a stitching on one surcingle (not enough to compromise the blanket or stop using it), but they replaced it this winter. Lifetime guarantee. I got in on sale for $129? I just bought a medium detach-a-neck too, because, why not? Subi has demeaned necks a necessity.
Good in all weather!
  • Adjusta-Fit® V-FREE® Midweight Nylon Blanket Liner from Schneiders: So, Subi gets COLD and this added a lot of warmth without the bulk (yes, he had an insane amount of blankets on, but whatever, it was better than shivering. He’s a special snowflake). Super durable and easy to clean too.
  • UViator Protective Mask with Nose and Ears: So, Subi would NOT wear the nose, but I LOVE THIS MASK. Plus it stayed on and didn’t rub his eyes. Win, win! I didn’t buy it, but won it in Kensington’s instagram giveaway along with a new kensington flysheet.
I couldn’t find another picture so ignore the hives…
  • Rambo Plus Flymask: Batty would NOT keep his fly masks on this year and I was considering duct tape. The $900 Facebook Pony recommended this mask and it really worked for Batt! LOVE IT! He looked like a fool wearing it, but really? Who cares…
Yes, he is a fool
  • Trauma Void Helmet: LOVE this helmet. It fits pretty darn well, but best of all? I’m not getting pressure headaches/migraines from it. I hadn’t realized just how badly my OneK fit until I tried this helmet. This helmet doesn’t fit everyone, but thankfully fits me.
no better place to throw random Jiminy pictures… 
  • Equioxx: do I need to say more? Subi is feeling SO MUCH BETTER. Maybe a little too good? I’d try and get on him but we both would die and honestly he has some hind end weakness that I don’t trust. But, he’s feeling so good thanks to drugs.