Favorite things of 2018

In an attempt not to focus on all the craziness going on (I will either have an update or I won’t have an update on the barn in a week or 2, but let’s just say, if this barn thing ACTUALLY HAPPENS, I will be writing multiple blog posts about this entire ordeal).

  • Northwinds Detatch-A-Neck Blankets: My absolute FAVORITE blanket for Subi. He’s always fit decently in Riders blankets, but I LOVE the Northwind line. I bought the heavyweight back at the very end of 2017 (the 29th or 30th) during a crazy cold snap and even wearing multiple blankets, Subi was cold. The heavy with neck plus a medium and finally I had a warm horse. I did have a tiny issue with a stitching on one surcingle (not enough to compromise the blanket or stop using it), but they replaced it this winter. Lifetime guarantee. I got in on sale for $129? I just bought a medium detach-a-neck too, because, why not? Subi has demeaned necks a necessity.
Good in all weather!
  • Adjusta-Fit® V-FREE® Midweight Nylon Blanket Liner from Schneiders: So, Subi gets COLD and this added a lot of warmth without the bulk (yes, he had an insane amount of blankets on, but whatever, it was better than shivering. He’s a special snowflake). Super durable and easy to clean too.
  • UViator Protective Mask with Nose and Ears: So, Subi would NOT wear the nose, but I LOVE THIS MASK. Plus it stayed on and didn’t rub his eyes. Win, win! I didn’t buy it, but won it in Kensington’s instagram giveaway along with a new kensington flysheet.
I couldn’t find another picture so ignore the hives…
  • Rambo Plus Flymask: Batty would NOT keep his fly masks on this year and I was considering duct tape. The $900 Facebook Pony recommended this mask and it really worked for Batt! LOVE IT! He looked like a fool wearing it, but really? Who cares…
Yes, he is a fool
  • Trauma Void Helmet: LOVE this helmet. It fits pretty darn well, but best of all? I’m not getting pressure headaches/migraines from it. I hadn’t realized just how badly my OneK fit until I tried this helmet. This helmet doesn’t fit everyone, but thankfully fits me.
no better place to throw random Jiminy pictures… 
  • Equioxx: do I need to say more? Subi is feeling SO MUCH BETTER. Maybe a little too good? I’d try and get on him but we both would die and honestly he has some hind end weakness that I don’t trust. But, he’s feeling so good thanks to drugs.

12 thoughts on “Favorite things of 2018

  1. Lifetime guarantees on blankets are the best thing ever. Because really, we all need them at one point or another. My old horse Dublin did great on Equioxx as did Macy. Great drug!

  2. That’s a good price on the blanket with a lifetime guarantee. That fly mask is on my list if the current one dies this year. H’Appy wears one all summer but thankfully is easy on it and the other two don’t try to rip it off

    • Yeah, definitely a great price! I decided I’ll just buy one a year when dover has them on sale. Eventually I’d like to have 2 of each for Subi, but 1 of each is fine for now. I’m too broke to buy more.

      My boys don’t mess with each other’s masks, but they roll and itch a lot so they manage to roll them off. Not these thankfully!

  3. that helmet does look really good! i’ve heard a lot of mixed things about it – mostly everyone seems to like it stylistically, but the fit i think is definitely *not* for everyone. glad it works for you tho! also good to know about those blankets…. one of these days i kinda want to get just a lightweight neck for charlie for those in-between days…

      • see that’s actually a very useful detail for me haha – i most definitely do *not* have a CO head shape (which makes me sad, i assure you!) so probably the trauma void would also not be a good fit. le sigh.

      • oh man, i LOVE the One K – it’s the first ever helmet that i’ve ever really felt good wearing. i think the One K and the COs fit kinda opposite types of heads (tho i can never remember which is round and which is oval lol) so i’m wondering if the trauma void fits a CO type head better. who knows. i need to get a new helmet in the coming year, but will probably just end up with another One K

    • Subi has a long neck so they work well and he runs cold. I blanket him like he’s clipped. He’s a thin skinned thoroughbred. It’s been the best thing to help keep him warm. Batt? Short necked appendix who even when trace clipped runs warm. He’d be happy naked but I refuse to feed that much extra hay! Jiminy is clipped but a hairy mini. He could use a neck a week a year so I’m passing. Tough luck!

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