Not much to update on or rather not much I’m choosing to update on. Drama in my life right now is pulling all my emotional energy.

But, Batt is chugging along. My car (last Tuesday’s drama involved a failed inspection thanks to a rodent chewing through a fuel line[unexpected] AND new brakes[expected]) is back to being alive. I still need new trailer tires and now that Batt is sort of breathing, I want to start riding again. (Trainer is showing with clients so no lessons last week and this week)

But, since I don’t feel like updating on anything else, here’s a short little video of my idiot horse. Saturday afternoon we had a crazy storm. The humidity dropped. Then another storm was rolling in. Bugs got really bad and the humidity increased dramatically in about 20 minutes. Subi wanted in NOW. This is how we respond to having to wait for evening chores to be finished…


Again. And. Again. And. Again. Repeat.

I shouldn’t be surprised, but Every. Single. Time. This.  Happens. I get so frustrated.

It’s August. And we’ve made it about 1 year and 3-4 months with Subi eating.

So why am I shocked that he’s suddenly decided that eating is optional again?

And yet I am.

I swear this horse will be the  death of me.

He was eating fine and now. BAM. He’s suddenly leaving at least a half a bucket of grain behind. I have no idea why. I never have any idea why. He just DOES THIS.

He sort of didn’t eat Saturday, but only left a 1/3 of his grain behind at breakfast.

Sunday my husband said he left maybe a handful or 3, but that’s pretty normal.

Monday: half his grain.

Tuesday: half his bucket.

What’s worse is I know, even before he eats that he’s not going to eat well. He’s not waiting at his spot for breakfast either. Normally he hangs out waiting  for breakfast, but nope, not now. I have coax him into walking up to his tree for breakfast. His a little better at dinner, but not really.

That sad thing is this is normal.  We go through this ALL. THE. TIME.  But, I had a nice year plus of false security of EATING where I forgot that my horse doesn’t eat.


20 year old pain in the ass

I’m going to try a reset and see if I can get him eating again, but who knows.  We’ll start back with just a scoop of Omalene 200 (but I have a feeling the feed store didn’t give me the Omalene 200 RT — the wet version — so I may need to spend more and  get another bag of the wet extra gooey stuff to try and be more appealing. I don’t want the dry stuff) and see if I can get him eating that. If I can, maybe I can slowly mix back in the Equine Senior?

Feeds Subi Won’t Eat:

  • Triple Crown Senior
  • Purina Ultium
  • Strategy
  • Buckeye Senior Pellet
  • Buckeye EQ8 Senior (I think we tried this one?)
  • Nutrena Safechoice Senior
  • Purina Omalene 500 (we ate this for a year plus before it became a no go)
  • Purina Equine Senior Active (ate this for 3 years before the formula changed)
  • Nutrena Proforce Fuel

Anyway, today I hate my horse. I’m sure I’ll feel differently when he decides to eat again.

He likes Progressive Senior Sweet but I can’t seem to get it without driving 80 miles to Bucks County and I just can’t do that right now.