Getting back in the routine?

I moved my horses home a few weeks ago. It’s wonderful to see them again everyday and to have them right there in the backyard. Generally, I think they’re happy. Generally, I’m thrilled. But riding…

I’m battling a lot right now when it comes to riding. I’ve been out of the routine for months. Just with time, moving, the wedding, and the commute, I just haven’t been consistent. So my horses are showing that now that winter has come and I’m trying to ride again. I guess I should clarify. Subi is my issue. Batts seems fine, but Subi… I can’t say I’ve been all that comfortable since he bucked me off (nasty buck too) a month and a half ago. I haven’t ridden that consistently since then either. Again, life. But, now they’re home and I need to ride.

My friend Sandra and I rode for the first time at my house a couple weeks ago. We all survived and the horses were more or less good. But, the grounds been horribly mushy and out of shape horses on mushy ground and not level ground… It’s been a recipe for disaster. Last weekend, I came off almost immediately thanks to an unexpected crow hop at the trot. I’m not in shape so it is my fault for coming off, but it’s right there in my brain. I’m stressing because there isn’t a great place to ride at home.  I’m sure once the ground gets harder and the horses get into better shape and I get consistent, we can tackle all these issues, but until then, I fight my brain.

I did get on and we rode for another 40 minutes or some, at the walk, through the field, up some hills. Horses were exhausted and no one tried anything, but… I guess the issue is, at the walk, I don’t feel like I’m doing anything. But, if I’m making Subi work, even at the walk, maybe I am? Right now, the most level portion of my property is actually the woods. The horses are loving wandering through the woods and seem relaxed in there. There is a path way and I could easily (once I pick up twigs and branches) turn it into a trot and canter track of sorts. But, in the back of my mind, fear. So where do I go from here? I’m off for a week and a half starting Saturday and the plan is to ride as much as possible. Both Subi and Batts, as much as possible. Batts is fine. He’s quiet and just fat and lazy and should build confidence, but Subi… Should I just walk and do work at the walk? Extension, making him work and engage his hind end, and hill work?  If he’s tired, he won’t be stupid (and he rarely acts stupid at the walk–famous last words…) and maybe things will just fall into place?

I know the main thing is to ride more. I know that. But work and real life just get in the way. Why am I an adult again? I told Erik that any day we’re both off and it’s not raining, he’s riding with me. He’s not thrilled about it, but he’ll do it. All we’ll do is walk, but it’s another way to get the horses working more. Maybe we’ll explore the neighborhood on horseback as well? There are some nearby farms/houses with horses so it might be a way to meet people as well and find trails, etc. I invited another friend out next week as well and she’s game for exploring so…

I created this blog months ago and haven’t posted anything until today. To be honest, I’ve almost forgotten about it. But, the other part is lack of time and lack of motivation. But, it’s the Thursday before we’re closed for the holiday, I’m at work, and bored out of my mind. What better time to start then now? And instead of doing any sort of introduction (considering I’m mostly talking to myself), why not just start?  So there we go.

2 thoughts on “Getting back in the routine?

  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Hang in there. Since you have read mine you know that I feel your pain 🙂 I also have had my horse at home before and seriously lacked motivation, drive, and courage… Good luck and hang in there!

    • Oh I know. I’ve been doing self care for a few years so having them at home makes it easier, but, riding often isn’t. That said, for the last few months the horses were about an hour away at a friend’s farm so with that drive, I really lacked motivation. I just need to get into the routine and should be OK. Of course, winter is an added element…

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