Catching up

I’m super behind here. Sometimes it’s easy to post, other times? Not so much. Work has been kicking my butt and I’ve just been exhausted. Add on to it that my mom went on vacation and left me with her 4 dogs so we had 6 dogs in the house. NOT fun at all. They’re lucky I love them!

5 of the 6 dogs napping...

5 of the 6 dogs napping…

Meanwhile, I’ve actually been riding the Batthorse! After months of unsoundness primarily due to never ending abscesses, he’s **knocks on wood** sound! We’ve had about 6 rides in the past 2-3 weeks which is amazing! We actually popped over our first jump in about a year last weekend and jumped a little more this weekend. Nothing high, but who cares. He’s been wearing his beat up cavallo boots and while they’re a mess and will eventually fall apart, they’re working for now. I ordered him a pair of renegades yesterday so hopefully we’ll have them for next weekend. Riding him again reminds me just how wonderful it is to ride a horse who has no spook or buck in him. I mean he tried to buck me off the other week, but he’s not actually athletic enough to buck. But, even though he picked his feet about 3 inches off the ground, he thought he was bucking. We worked on our track in the woods today after working on the hill and jumping some. But, I have a wooded area that has a loop that works for trotting/cantering that I haven’t used lately just because the ground had been a mess. Not riding in there for a year made a huge difference. If we ever have funds, I’d love to get it cleared and make it a real ring. Anyway, we trotting and cantered some and he had a ball. Nothing like a change of scenery to change things up.

Pictures because they’re always necessary…

Batt and pupsFullSizeRender 6IMG_2685FullSizeRender 5

I also rode Sub a couple times this week after not really riding him due to life/weather. I lunged last weekend and lunged and rode in the round pen on Friday (he was a nut), but got on without lunging today. We worked on the hill for a while though he was definitely alert/up. But, after a decent amount of walk work, we managed some trotting and a little cantering. He was really sticky about his left lead which is NOT him, but not feeling overly confident I didn’t fight too much with that. Another days problem. After our hill work I walked him around the woods for a while and once I was convinced he was quiet (the constant attempts to eat were the clue) I hopped on and we walked and trotting around for a while. He was much quieter back there and I was much more confident. Go figure. We cantered a couple strides on the left lead (he picked it up with energy) and did a little more on the right and called it a day. There are some tighter turns out there and we need a little more time before he’s balanced enough to canter those turns. But he tried hard and we were both exhausted after our successful ride.



Not much to add on the Jiminy front other than I love that little pony. He’s still as adorable as ever and is changing color again. I love him.

FullSizeRender 7 FullSizeRender 2 FullSizeRender FullSizeRender 4

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  1. Hillary and I just talked and we’re extending the baseline due date to Wednesday at midnight, might not do too much if the weather back east continues to be poor but at least that’s a couple extra days.

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