Happy 10 Years

Happy 10 Year Anniversary to my Subi. Other than some friendships, he’s my longest relationship to date. Some days I want to kill him, some days I want to murder him, some days I cry about him, but I always love him. There’s only one Subliminal and he’s what I’ve got.

He’s a few years older, a little greyer, a lot out of shape, but at 19, he can still buck to the moon and back (a trait I’d have been happy if he’d have lost). We spent the afternoon grazing and grooming (I enjoyed the last part, him, not so much), got a mane trim (he didn’t enjoy that part either), took some picture (still didn’t enjoy that),  ate treat (carrots and peppermints POISONED with apples) and ran around like a crazed lunatic when I turned him back out. Bucking, rearing, and otherwise acting foolish. But, he’s still my best man. ( He was happy to eat said evil apples when they were being offered to his brothers later. )

So, Subbadub, the original of the 3 chestnuts, the one who started this whole mess, here’s to you. Here’s to many more. Here’s to more grey hairs, though I suspect most of them will me mine. I’d tell you to act your age, but you won’t. That’s just not your thing. You’re unique as they come. You’re picky as they come. You drive me insane most of the time, but I love you to death. Thanks for being my first horse. I can’t believe it’s been 10 years.



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