Countdown to Fair Hill

It’s Fair Hill week, one of my favorite times of the year! Of course the weather here is anything but typical for early October (yesterday’s 80 degrees, rain, and 95% humidity was disgusting…). Still, I cannot wait for this week!


So close!

Sunday I had the fun and (mostly) frustrating experience of helping set up the dressage rings for Thursday and Friday. All I can say is when it’s drizzling, windy, and all you have is tape measurers and NO LASER, it’s nearly  impossible to line everything up.


Stupid line isn’t straight…

Especially the corners.

And when you can’t  have any gaps in the boards on the judge’s side, things get interesting…


Sadly this wasn’t the problematic ring… I didn’t take a picture of the one that almost made me cry…

Just saying. Straight lines and right angles are hard.

And they shouldn’t allow perfectionists and anal people to work on these things either…


Taking a picture while driving probably wasn’t the best idea but… 

Next Sunday I’m on jump crew for the CCI 3*. If you’re in the area and wish to volunteer, there are  plenty of opportunities still available. Perks of volunteering include free admission for the entire weekend.

5 thoughts on “Countdown to Fair Hill

  1. so exciting!! i had a blast riding around the grounds seeing all the preparations a couple weeks ago and am super pumped for the full event! not volunteering this year but hopefully next year!

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