5 thoughts on “1 Year. 2 Years. 3 Years.

  1. i had no idea you had such a pretty mare (Might have fallen into a blog hole and read backwards a bit LOL) and I am sorry you didnt have her forever. What a cute girl she was. Thanks for sharing esp for us newbies that werent reading blogs back then!

    • Thanks! She was the sweetest, prettiest mare in the world and cursed with way too many health problems (she was only 14). But that ended up being the coldest winter we had so it was the best and hardest decision, but there would have been no way she’d have made it through on her own. She was my loud mouth and would start calling for breakfast if she heard alarm go off in the morning or saw a light go on. She was Miss Personality. Batty didn’t love her, but screamed for 3 days straight after we put her down. Subi just knew walked around in a daze…

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