If your horse were a human…

Driving into work this morning, I was chatting with my husband about Jiminy. Oh, Jiminy, what is there to say about Jiminy. He’s the smart one. He just doesn’t always put his brains to good use. He is WAY to smart for his own good.

Anyway, Erik came to the conclusion that, if Jiminy were a human, he’d be really, really rich. But, that money probably wouldn’t all have been obtained, er, legally.

If Jiminy were a human, he’d be using his intelligence for nothing but mischief and no good. He’d be the super intelligent Wall Street guy running a Ponzi scheme…

Me? Use my brains for trouble? Yep. Probably? No never! Bwahaha!

Batts, who would he be? He lacks brain cells unfortunately and has recently earned the nickname “Battiot.” He’d probably be a high school dropout working at a convenience store spending his entire pay check on junk food while living at homing mooching off of…me? Great, thanks. He’d probably also be the person fishing through trash cans for food too. He also needs a bib to eat. He’d be the one wearing his food.

Point proven. Ignore the commentary… I didn’t realize a video was being taken… 

Subi. Oh Subi. What to say about him. Described as a drama queen and a diva by various equine professionals. He’s past his prime. He’s picky BEYOND picky. He’s part child, part civilized royalty. He’s sort of a washed up aging C list celebrity. I mean, he did race in a stakes race back in the day. He just hasn’t accepted the washed up part?

Something about him…

Who would your horse be?

11 thoughts on “If your horse were a human…

  1. Hahaha so cute! Oh man if Amber were human…. She’s a woman who looks approachable, and will even greet you nicely and then after 2.5 seconds will pin her ears and give you a bitchy statement and walk away. I suppose she likes to be around a crowd but doesn’t want to be part of the crowd. She’s fully on the YOLO wagon concerning food LOL.

  2. Jiminy may be a munchkin but he could totally rule the world with his cuteness. he can go to TN i am telling you Remus is going to need a friend. if he disappears you will know where he is 🙂 HA HA HA I love all your descriptions of your horses 🙂

  3. Aww lol at the washed up c list celebrity! Charlie would just be one of those old rickety men who can sometimes be a little grumpy but mostly are very kind and have all sorts of crazy stories to tell about the way things were back in his day…

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