Blog Hop: (MULTI) Millionaire Me

Joining the blog hop started by hellomylivia because why not?

  • New farm!!! I don’t actually need/want anything crazy either.
    • Possibility 1 – pasture needs work, but it’s doable
    • Possibility 2 – house is a bit too grand, but my dogs love having a pool so I don’t want to take that from them or have to put 1 in… Barn is cute but being connect to trails in nice
    • Possibility 3 – 45 acres? why not. House is lovely and no pictures of the barn, but I could put in a ring or 2 (outdoor and indoor) and a pool (dogs) and still have acreage for turnout AND hay. Plus Peacedale is a gorgeous preserves! You can ride there, but you can’t haul in so being attached to the trail network…
    • Possibility 4 – 26 acres! Needs horse facilities and a dog pool (yes, I’m serious), but… Land looks lovely.
    • Possibility 5 – This is a little extreme… But… wow!
  • Ranger. Sorry he needs to come join the new farmimg_7981
  • All weather sacrifice paddock (Cough. Jiminy. Cough.)
  • New trailer
    Upgraded one of those please!
  • New truck (Let’s not go there…)
  • Pay off student loans
  • Pool (if current house doesn’t have one — doggies need  a pool) AND pool guy — we’d use it SO MUCH MORE if we had a pool person other than us!
  • Arena (s)
  • Hired help — maybe not all the time but definitely regular help
  • Second/third riding horse (why not?)
  • CART AND TRAINING FOR JAMES (and Jiminy also needs an attitude adjustment)
  • Unlimited supply of Carleigh’s Cookies for Subiimg_7991

Maybe I am asking for a lot.

But mostly I want Ranger.

12 thoughts on “Blog Hop: (MULTI) Millionaire Me

  1. Ranger sounds like an obvious inclusion 🙂 As far as the farms, I think I like the first one the best – that cottage and barn are cute! The others I’m just like why you need so many square feet in house?? And definitely second you on the student loans!

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