My poor lame and miserable horse

Short Saturday post to vent.

Subi is miserable this morning. He was trimmed Wednesday and my farrier noted his feet were really soft, especially for him. Kept him long in hopes that he’d not come up sore (in 8-9 years of my awesome farrier, Subi has only once been sore and that had more to do with the lost shoe vs his work). Unfortunately, he’s ouchy.

Then, last night, super monsoons and I doubt this mud will EVER dry. A nearby town had 12″ of rain yesterday, 7-8 in 1 hour…

Borrowed Facebook photo

This morning, HIVES.

Very uncomfortable! πŸ˜•

I’m running to the vet for more dex but he’s so miserable and off his feed (standard for him). He’ll eat when he’s less uncomfortable. I’m tempted to pick up some good hay and leave him in the less muddy area alone next to his boys and put his easyboot clouds on to help. Just for the weekend. Plus maybe some keratex on his feet if the boots keep them dry.

We’ll see, either way, he’s miserable today. Vet’s out Thursday for routine stuff so we’ll chat about pain management which regardless of this mess, I think we need sooner vs later πŸ˜• The old man is getting creaky and ouchier.

9 thoughts on “My poor lame and miserable horse

  1. We need rain here but no sign of it yet. It makes it hard when the ground is wet and soft all the time. i hope he feels better soon. Do you know what caused the hives?

    • I’m not sure. I’m assuming he reacted to gnats. They were swarming and we had a sudden weather change. He used to always breakout from them but hasn’t had a bad reaction in a few years. They came down quickly with the dex thankfully.

  2. Poor dude. My farrier totally complaining about this time of year. Even without much rain, there has been so much humidity in KY that the horses just stand in wet fields most nights/mornings.

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