2018 Blogger Secret Santa!

The Printable Pony’s Blogger Gift Exchange is one of my favorite parts of the year! And this year’s exchange (my second participating) was no exception!


I came home to a SmartPak box and questions from my husband about what I ordered and complete confusion. I really DIDN’T order anything! And then I wondered if I had ordered something forever ago and their horrible backlog of shipping resulted in it just now showing up. But nope, it was just a used box! Ha! Goes to show how distracted I was.


Thank you Molly from One Bud Wiser!

My boys will be inhaling the peppermints because, peppermints. Peppermints are a favorite around here.

And Jiminy will test out your favorite brush! He likes to be pampered. I’m sure he’ll give it rave reviews!

As for the tack cleaning mitt, I guess I actually need to clean my tack? Lol! But it looks great!

11 thoughts on “2018 Blogger Secret Santa!

  1. That mitt looks really cool — I bet it will make tack cleaning a breeze! Thanks again for participating in the gift exchange this year!

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