Fa la la la FAIL.

56736539212__e7ecbbef-6278-4d78-b416-33256567756eIt was all going so well I knew it couldn’t last. Seriously. I don’t have that great luck.

We had major rain right after my foundation was installed. I mean, major crazy rain. Inches upon inches. Nothing washed away. And then lots of wind. But that was Thursday/Friday and wind was Saturday. All was OK-ish until it decided to rain. Last freaking night.

No where did it say rain last night. But somehow it did rain last night and rain it did. Because I have no luck.

This morning they arrived with the barn and bad news.

So I leave you with a holiday poem.

The weather outside’s delightful, but the ground’s muddy and frightful. But we need to install a barn, so… Let it freeze, let it freeze, let it freeze!

Unfortunately, in addition to the mud, the freaking screenings retained such an insane amount of water. And in order not to get the equipment stuck, we called it a day. They parked half a barn on my driveway, took the other half back with them, and told me since chances are we’ll never dry out in the next year, to call them when it freezes and we’ll try again.


I’m going to hibernate like Lasagna.

I’m super close and they’re hoping that they can deliver and install first thing in the morning. Of course, we’re having a warm streak. WTF?! 10 days and it doesn’t looking like it’s regularly going to go below freezing? Well, it will, but not by much? And then it’s raining this Friday. Then we’re having “weather” at the end of those 10 days when we’re FINALLY getting below freezing.

Anyway, now I have half a barn on my driveway and no access to my trailer. Merry Freaking Christmas.


Half a barn, blocking a trailer, on a driveway. 

12 thoughts on “Fa la la la FAIL.

  1. UGH. HATE this for you! Hopefully the ground will freeze in short order. If I may ask, which manufacturer did you choose? I was browsing several recently – several options on the east coast it seemed.

      • NICE! I was heavily considering them, too, before my husband said he’d just build me a barn. lol Super solid workmanship on Horizon’s part tho. Which barn of theirs did you select?

      • It’s a 2 stall with overhang and storage. It has all the upgrades (electric, lights, windows, doors on both sides, metal roof, etc.) because it was the horse expo model barn so it’s been on the lot. Nothing I’d ever be able to normally order due to cost. They’ve been great in that they actually answer questions/emails vs everyone else who fell off the face of the earth after initial contact.

        All that said, a simple shedrow would have been much less complicated of an install but once this is in, I’ll do a full recap.

  2. Halfway there…..:) sorry love the poem but know your feelings. I hope it freezes for you. I can send you some freezing weather if you like? No its 50 today but cold as shit at with frost each morning. I spend more time putting on and taking off Remus’s sheet. Crazy ass weather….

    I can’t wait till the barn is done!! Fingers crossed it happens sooner than 2020 🙂 HA

  3. haha you say “fail” but i think it’s pretty freakin awesome that you’re so close to having the new barn!!! it looks gorgeous, can’t wait to see it once everything is finally finished!

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